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10 Comic Book Costumes Robert Pattinson’s Batman Must Wear


Robert Pattinson to Debut as New Live-Action Dark Knight in Matt Reeves’ 2020 Film The Batmanwhich rebooted the character outside of the DC Extended Universe to tell a complex detective story as the new vigilante takes on his first costumed criminals.

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The Batman features a unique version of the Batsuit that is still in the prototype phase, meaning fans will likely see new versions of the suit in future installments of the inevitable trilogy. We’ve rounded up some of the Dark Knight costumes from the comics to see which costume we’d like to see Pattinson’s Batman wear next on the big screen.

ten Batman’s gray and blue suit with yellow bat oval never appeared in live-action

While Batman is best known for the dark, understated coloring of his various costumes, he long adopted a brighter version of his costume which featured a blue cape and cowl as well as a bright yellow oval with a bat logo. . inside.

The iconic costume has never been replicated in live-action which usually focuses on the darker versions of the costume. Pattinson’s Batsuit The Batman follows a similar dark trend, but a feature of the gray and blue costume would bring something new to the live-action adaptations that further separate this iteration of the character from previous versions.

9 His “Troika” costume was inspired by Tim Burton’s black suit from the 1989 film

After returning to the role of Batman after sustaining injuries in a battle with Bane during the fall of the knight event, Bruce Wayne adopted a dark new costume that featured a striking yellow utility belt and a yellow oval bat logo. The costume also featured extra spikes on the gloves and boots which added an extra edge to the character.

This Batsuit was partially inspired by the costume worn by Michael Keaton in the 1989 Tim Burton film Batman which launched the character’s first movie franchise, and Pattinson’s use of the comic book costume may well pay homage to the original theatrical costume.

8 Zur-En-Arrh’s Batman Costume Is Ridiculous But Represents A Larger Psychological Story

While Zur-En-Arrh’s first Silver Age intergalactic Batman appearance is far too bizarre for the more grounded cinematic view The BatmanGrant Morrison brought back the unique character in a new way during the Batman Tear scenario.

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The colorful patchwork costume was redesigned as the creation of a violent and unstable backup of Batman’s personality. The BatmanThe exploration of Bruce Wayne’s damaged psyche would work well with the Batman of Zur-En-Arrh’s psychological story and feature a colorful new version of the costume that is sure to surprise some fans.

7 The Suit of Sorrows was a Corrupted Armored Suit from the Crusades that enhanced his abilities

Talia al Ghul gifted Bruce Wayne with a special Batsuit known as the Suit of Sorrows, which enhanced Batman’s strength and speed exponentially. The Costume of Sorrows was created during the Crusades and given to a pure-hearted knight, though he soon found himself corrupted by the Dark Armor.

Batman was forced to abandon the Suit of Sorrows when he discovered its Corrupting Element, but it was later stolen and given to Azrael by the Order of Purity. The Sorrows suit isn’t the most iconic Batsuit, but it would help drive a new story for Pattinson’s Batman.

6 Batman’s Thrasher Armor Helped Him Survive Extreme Conditions and the Court of Owl Talons

Batman Thrasher Armor Heels Court of Owls

When Batman and his allies found themselves targeted by the secretive Court of Owls and their near-immortal assassins known as the Talons, he was forced to defend himself in his own Batcave as they invaded Wayne Manor.

Fortunately, he was at home and could activate his special Thrasher armor, designed to enhance and protect him while surviving extreme weather conditions. With the alleged involvement of the Court of Owls in The Batman‘s Gotham City, Pattinson’s Dark Knight may need this advanced armor to face the deadly Talons in an upcoming episode.

5 Batman revival costume mixed his classic jumpsuit with the new 52s modern design style

Following the New 52’s line-wide reboot and redesign that introduced a dull new armored suit for Batman, it received a new Batsuit that pays homage to its classic costumes while enhancing the modern design style of the New 52.

from batman Renaissance The costume featured a new cape and hood that tied neatly over the shoulders as well as a new utility belt and bat logo edged in yellow to further stand out while still respecting the designs that predated the character. It’s a brighter, more personalized look than fans have seen on the big screen, but it could be an exciting new direction for Pattinson’s Batman.

4 The Hellbat armor is an incredibly powerful suit designed to survive a battle with Darkseid

Batman worked with the Justice League to create a powerful Batsuit known as the Hellbat Armor, which was designed to both protect and enhance Batman so he could take on stronger foes if necessary. However, the Hellbat armor also took a heavy toll on the wearer, meaning Batman could die if he used the suit too much.

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After Darkseid stole Damian Wayne’s sarcophagus, Batman donned the Hellbat armor to battle Apokolips and bring his son’s body home to resurrect him. The Hellbat armor is one of his toughest suits and would look great on the big screen, especially if Pattinson’s Batman needs a little more firepower.

3 Batman’s Insider Armor is a powerful stealth suit with the Justice League’s simulated powers


After the apparent death of Bruce Wayne during the Final Crisis was revealed to have instead sent him back in time on a quest to return to the present, he decided to keep his return a secret from his allies and enemies by wearing a unique yet powerful suit called the Insider Armor.

The Insider Armor was a stealth suit he used to secretly move through Gotham City while he investigated things after his absence, but it also gave him an arsenal of simulated powers that replicated Superman’s heat vision. and Flash’s super-speed, among others. The Insider Suit would improve Pattinson’s Batman while giving fans a different look at the technology available to Wayne.

2 Batman Incorporated’s costume was an advanced suit that used all of Wayne’s resources

The Batman Inc costume.

After Bruce Wayne returned to the present, he adopted a new garb as the head of a new global organization of Dark Knight-inspired crime fighters to become part of Batman, Incorporated. His costume was a lighter gray than previous versions and did away with the iconic trunks that have become a staple of DC superheroes over the years.

However, the costume’s most dominant feature is the bat logo, which brought back the yellow oval design and enhanced it with an advanced lighted symbol to showcase the technology and resources at Bruce Wayne’s disposal. , which would make Pattinson’s Batman stand out even more.

1 Alex Ross designed an armored suit for justice that takes Pattinson’s suit to the next level

2005 Justice by Alex Ross, Jim Krueger and Doug Braithwaite presented a climactic showdown between the Justice League and the Legion of Doom under the threat of armageddon. As the series drew inspiration from Silver Age character designs, the Justice League was forced to adopt new Thanagarian armor to protect against robotic mind-controlling worms.

Batman’s armor was inspired by the design of ’66’s Batmobile, though it features some similar elements to Robert Pattinson’s Batsuit, making it an upgraded option that could take the cinematic Batsuit to another level. .

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