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10 Funniest Moments From Peacemaker Episodes 1-3


All we’re saying is give Peacmaker a chance.

After The Suicide Squad, many fans wonder if the Peacemaker the follow-up spin-off is going to be worthy of the spectacular movie. Thankfully, James Gunn and John Cena didn’t disappoint. You would think it would be very hard to love a guy who is a killer, sexist, and borderline racist, but that’s the power of John Cena for you. You may never see him, but his presence is always felt.

Peacemaker, from just the first 3 episodes, is becoming one of the funniest shows right now. The violence is delightfully over the top, the conversations are full of quotes, and John Cena is John Cena.

Here are the 10 funniest moments of Peacemaker until the first 3 episodes.

  1. Peacekeeper’s Conversation with the Janitor – Episode 1 A Whole New Whirlwind

    When you make a series, you have to set the tone right away, and with this scene, you know immediately that this series is a comedy because this scene is hilarious. Peacemaker has just been told by his doctor that he is free to go, but he is actually a prisoner. So he asks the janitor to ask him if there are any government guards monitoring him in the hospital. But before that, Peacemaker asks if he can let him in on a secret. The janitor doesn’t want to promise Peacemaker that he can, because if he can be trusted, he wouldn’t be in the hospital as a janitor despite his time at MIT.

    The conversation quickly turns into an argument, and the argument has the tone of two kids fighting but with a sense of friendship, though Peacemaker and the janitor only know each other when they share weed. Once.

    The laughter keeps building and building with every passing word – There’s a fight about Aquaman and what he’s doing with the fish. Later, when the janitor finally recognizes a superhero called Peacemaker, he remembers that he is a racist superhero. Peacemaker denies this but promises to kill more white people in the future. Hey, if the report is suspicious, the report is suspicious.

  2. The intro credits – All episodes

    There are only a handful of intro credits that no one hits the skip button on, Game of Thrones, Stranger Things, and now Peacemaker just made the cut. The intro credits feature the entire cast dancing an awkward dance to the tune of “Do you want to taste it?” Through Wam wig, all with a straight face, emotionless in fact. They could have made the whole cast look like they were having fun, but making them emotionless makes them more hilarious.

    The performance number is complete with elaborate lights with a set of neon and metal stairs. It doesn’t matter if a character is a serious, serious type in the series, in this intro, he or she is going to dance. Even Eagle was able to participate.

    It must have been hell to shoot because the cast had to laugh the whole time. Either way, it’s an intro no one would skip, with all the episodes to come.

  3. Eagly Hugs Peacemaker – Episode 1 A whole new whirlwind

    Meet Eagly, Peacemaker’s pet and sidekick. He doesn’t have a dog named Doggy and a daughter named Daughtery, but he sure does have an eagle named Eagly.

    When Peacemaker went to jail, he left Eagly in the care of his father. Now that Peacemaker is back, he’s gone to his dad’s to see Eaglely. Eagly is so excited to see Peacemaker, chirping like he’s a kid who just saw his father return. Then the unexpected happened – Eagly hugged Peacemaker. Peacemaker’s reaction is as if he had just experienced a miracle. If you’ve never seen an eagle hug a man, then maybe it’s time to watch Peacemaker.

  4. Peacemaker Sings and Dances in Only Underwear – Episode 1 A Whole New Whirlwind

    Everyone remembers the scene with Peacemaker in his underwear in The Suicide Squad. Well, the second time is the charm. When Peacemaker sees a Quireboys album in the music collection of the girl he just slept with, he danced and sang earnestly to the tune of “I do not love you anymore.”

    Seeing a waist-busting muscular man dancing in his underwear is always funny. Especially when there is no effort to hide her bulge. Credit James Gun for his love of needle drops and exquisite soundtrack selection for bringing this scene to life.

  5. Amber continues to flirt with Peacemaker in front of her husband – Episode 2 Best Friends For Never

    When Peacemaker is hiding from the police, he walked into the apartment of a married couple who are obviously one fight away from having a divorce. Peacemaker waves a gun as he orders the couple for a rope so he can tie them up, but Amber, the wife, continues to flirt with him. When Evan sees that his wife keeps trying to have sex with their hostage taker, they get into a screaming match. Apparently, Peacemaker and Amber have a lot in common.

    As the episode goes on, it turns out that Amber ends up having sex with Peacemaker, in a threesome with Vigilante as well.

  6. Peacemaker keeps hurting himself while trying to escape from a building – Episode 2 Best Friends for Never

    In an action movie, whenever the hero has to escape from a building, he always jumps over and over the balconies until he finally gets to the bottom, all in one go. hard way. Here, the expectation is turned upside down because while the action musical score is serious like in any other movie or TV show, Peacemaker continues to get hurt at every balcony. He always lands badly and underestimates the height of his next jump so the landing never goes well for him. By the time he’s only got a few floors left, he’s already frustrated, and even the jump for the floor he’s still unlucky.

  7. Peacemaker Cries Like a Child – Episode 2 Best Friends Forever

    After a very long day, Peacemaker comes home, plays some music, and lies down on his bed. Just when we thought it was a moment of quiet contemplation, Peacemaker suddenly cries. Not the manly kind to cry, he cries like a screaming child.

    While funny this acts as a revelation of the Peacemaker character, not only is he a boy child he also has insecurities that everyone hates him and all criticism of his moral character doesn’t just go in one ear and in the other. He may try to act like a tough frat boy who talks to everyone like they’re below him, but deep down it hurts him that he can’t get along with anyone. The irony is that he has a friend in Vigilante, he just doesn’t consider him that.

    The funny thing is, it turns out that Vigilate is watching him from the window, and when Peacemaker finds out, he hides his tears like he’s just been caught watching porn. He then passes off his crying as a facial muscle exercise, which Vigilante believes him to be.

  8. Vigilante Mistakes a Fleshlight for a Smiling Mouth Toy – Episode 2 Best Friends for Never

    Vigilante is cleaning Peacemaker’s messy house when he sees a Fleshlight and picks it up. He starts laughing and thinks it’s just a novelty with a smiling mouth. He even puts it near his mouth and tries to do vocals with it. Vigilante – Both an ignorant idiot and a dangerous killing machine.

  9. Peacemaker Thinks There Are Two Kinds of Babies – Episode 3 Better Goff Dead

    When Peacemaker realizes he has to kill some kids for the mission, he looks at the picture of the kids he might need to kill and sees the other one is ugly. He then theorizes that the ugly could be a butt baby. He then tells the team he is traveling with that his brother once told him that some babies are born coming out of their mother’s bottom and are called butt babies. He even tells the team that he suspected himself of being a baby ass until he was 14 years old. It’s both hilarious and a sad insight into Peacemaker’s upbringing.

  10. Vigilante is tortured for information from Peacemaker – Episode 3 Better Goff Dead

    When the villains, who may be aliens or monsters, have captured both Peacemaker and Vigilante, the villains want information on them. Specifically, they want Peacemaker to tell them everything. But instead of torturing Peacemaker for information, the villain continues to torture Vigilante so that Peacemaker speaks thinking that while humans suffer physical pain, seeing their loved ones suffer physical pain hurts them more.

    As the villain tortures Vigilante with electricity, Peacemaker continues to challenge the torturer to pick up the tension. Vigilante is visibly in agony, but all Peacemaker does is assure Vigilante not to worry as he will never give them any information.

    The villain confronts Peacemaker and tells him that if sheer pain doesn’t scare Peacemaker, maybe losing something more permanent would make him talk, only to turn to Vigilante again to cut off his toe. Peacemaker even tells him to cut off all of Vigilante’s toes. When Vigilante looks at Peacemaker, Peacemaker winks at her with a smile. Well, that’s reassuring.