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10 Strongest Armor Sets In Breath Of The Wild, Ranked By Stats


Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has become an important step in Zelda franchise. It upended the established formula and incorporated many amazing innovations that elevated the game beyond its predecessors. One of the many innovations introduced in breath of the wild was the inclusion of different armor sets.

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While the concept of Link donning different outfits for different perks isn’t a new concept for the Zelda series, breath of the wild took the concept to a whole new level. Armor sets could provide unique perks, be upgraded, and could be mixed and matched with pieces from other sets. While each set had its uses, there were several that stood out above the rest.

ten Become the shadow with the Sheikah costume

The Sheikah set resembles the outfit of the Sheikah clan. True to name and design, it gives Link a major stealth boost. When worn, the armor set helps dampen the amount of noise Link makes while sneaking around and increases his movement speed at night.

While the Sheikah set is great for sneaking past enemies and night missions, it offers Link very little defense, with each piece only adding 17 points to his defense when fully upgraded. With its huge stealth boost, the Sheikah set is excellent for sneaking around the corners of Hyrule and finding all of its hidden secrets.

9 Dive under the waves with the Zora set

Designed after the aquatic people Zora, the Zora set gives Link an advantage when he takes to the water. Swim in breath of the wild slowly depletes Link’s stamina, and he will drown if his stamina runs out below the surface. The Zora Suit helps prevent this by decreasing the amount of stamina Link uses to swim.

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Along with helping Link swim more efficiently, the Zora set has a good amount of defense, ranging from adding 3 defenses per piece to 20 points per piece. For aquatic adventures, there is no better armor than the Zora armor.

8 Live among the Stalfos with radiant armor

The glow-in-the-dark Radiant armor set resembles an outfit worn by a wrestler, but at night it glows to reveal a skeleton pattern on the armor. This model gives Link the ability to walk among breath of the wildskeletal enemies without being attacked.

Additionally, bone weapons deal more damage while Link is wearing the Radiant set, making him good early in the game when better weapons are harder to get. The set also gives Link a decent boost to his defenses, going from 3 to 20 when fully leveled. This armor makes it easier to navigate the open world of Hyrule at night while lighting up that same night sky.

seven Journey to the frigid north with the Snowquill set

Extreme temperatures in breath of the wild can be deadly. The moment Link starts sweating or shivering, players need to fix the temperature issue or he will start taking damage with death soon to follow. When traveling to the coldest places in Hyrule, the Snowquill armor set is a perfect choice.

When worn, Link becomes resistant to cold and immune to freezing. Snowquill armor offers the usual medium defensive bonus, with each piece ranging from a small 3 bonus to a larger 20 bonus once fully upgraded. Along with its function, this armor set also looks great, helping Link avoid dying an embarrassing weather-related death.

6 Beat the heat with the Desert Voe set

Anyone who has played breath of the wild will likely be familiar with the Gerudo armor set as it’s needed to progress the main story, but the Desert Voe set is arguably the top armor set stat-wise. This gives Link a strong boost to his defense while adding a few extra resistances for good measure.

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When worn, Link becomes resistant to the effects of hot weather and he becomes resistant to electrical attacks. This is especially useful as Electric attacks can cause Link to drop his weapons, meaning the Desert Voe set packs a nice combination of stats and buffs.

5 Walk through a Volcano with the Flame Breaker Set

When it comes time for Link to visit the Gorons, their home on Death Mountain will prove difficult to reach due to the intense heat created by its volcanic surroundings. When Link finally reaches Goron City, he can obtain the Flamebreaker armor set, which provides a standard defensive boost.

Additionally, the extensive armor also allows Link to traverse the volcanic landscape of Death Mountain without taking damage. Even outside of Death Mountain, the Flamebreaker armor set is perfect for traveling through the breath of the wild Sandbox.

4 Cut through your enemies with barbarian armor

For anyone looking to fight their way through hordes of monsters, the Barbarian Armor Set is the best choice for them. While it doesn’t provide a much higher defensive bonus than most other armor types, it does provide a boost to Link’s attack.

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The Barbarian set decreases the amount of stamina used when Link performs a charge attack. When it comes to fighting large groups of enemies, there is no substitute. The Barbarian set allows Link to use his spin attack for a longer period of time and hit many enemies at once, thanks to reduced stamina usage.

For those looking to venture across Hyrule in the hero’s traditional green outfit, the Hero of the Wild set is the perfect armor. It provides a decent defense boost but also adds a particularly nice ability.

When Link wears the full Hero of the Wild set, the Master Sword’s beam attacks go further than ever. With this, Link can carve through enemies without having to get close. He can also use Master Sword’s signature ability without having to worry about getting hit and losing it.

2 Fight as the army of Hyrule with the soldier set

The Soldier set is armor designed to resemble the armor worn by Hyrule’s guards. As such, it provides one of the highest defensive bonuses in the game. Without upgrades, each piece of this armor set provides a 4 point bonus to defense. When fully upgraded, each piece adds 48 points.

Although the Soldier set provides a high bonus to defense, it doesn’t do much else. Without other stat boosts, this armor won’t be useful for long, but the massive defensive bonus is useful for surviving Hyrule’s harsh landscape.

1 Boldy Take Down Guardians with the Ancient Set

Everyone knows the terror the guards inflict on breath of the wild. Extremely powerful, fast, and difficult to kill, these automatons can kill Link with a single blast from their laser. The Ancient set remains the perfect armor as the full set grants resistance to Guardian attacks.

Additionally, the armor set increases the power of various ancient weapons that can be found in Hyrule, which are already quite powerful. The armor set even provides a decent boost to Link’s defense. All of this makes the Ancient Armor Set the strongest armor set in the game.

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