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20 Disney Easter Eggs You Missed The First Time


Disney has lots of Easter eggs. So much so that you can find another list of completely different hidden secrets here. From Moana for Big Hero 6 and everything else is easter eggs which I sure didn’t catch on the first viewing.


Aunt Cass (Big Hero 6) makes an appearance in Ralph breaks the internet

Disney / youtube.com

Cass was the aunt of Hiro, the main character of Big Hero 6. She was also a huge crush on many people who watched the movie. If you were lucky enough to miss the internet news, she even became a meme after so many people revealed they had a crush on her. Apparently the filmmakers behind Ralph breaks the internet caught the wind, as she appears on the cover of a pop-up ad that reads, “Sassy Housewives want to meet you today!”


A piece of paper from the court Paperman appears in Ralph’s Wrecks

Disney / youtube.com / Via the support group stage: youtube.com

When they say “sharp-eyed spectators”, I don’t mean people who notice Boo gives Sully a Jessie doll Monsters Inc.. Yeah, that’s a great find, but just look at the top right photo of Ralph sitting in his Bad Guy support band at Ralph’s Wrecks. See that piece of paper on the report card? Couldn’t even tell you there was lipstick on the page, but someone recognized it in the Disney short Paperman. Now it’s an attentive viewer.


Mochi wears a Stitch hat Big Hero 6

Disney / youtube.com

Besides Mochi having the best cat name, he also has the best hat.


A plush Dumbo can be seen in Lilo’s toy box

Disney / youtube.com

Lilo & Stitch has quite a few Disney references, many of which go beyond movie screams. There is a Mulane poster, tons of “Hidden Mickeys”, and even a postcard with the magic castle on it. And long before Boo released his clownfish and Jessie dolls in Monsters Inc.Lilo had a stuffed animal Dumbo in 2002.


In treasure planetyoung Jim Hawkins has a Stitch plushie

Disney / youtube.com

Stitch is popular merchandise no matter what universe you are in. With Mochi’s Stitch hat and Jim Hawkins’ Stitch plush treasure planetit’s no wonder Disney is planning a live reboot. Although it’s been since Stitch would appear in treasure planetwhere his mother falls in love with an alien dog-man.


Symbols for various princesses appear in Rapunzel’s tower in Tangled

Disney / youtube.com

The apple (representing Snow White) is the only one clearly visible, but you may be able to spot a few others during Rapunzel’s song “When will my life begin?” There’s a slipper (Cinderella) and a rose (Belle) on the upstairs banister, as well as a five-pointed shape that many assume is a shell for Ariel.


Mickey, Donald and Goofy are in the crowd The little Mermaid


A pet crab stabs Genie’s finger in Aladdin

Disney / youtube.com

When Genie opens his royal cookbook, he finds one for king crab. Who else should come out of the book but THE King Crab himself, Sebastian from The little Mermaid.


The King and the Grand Duke of Cinderella are in The little Mermaid

Disney / youtube.comDisney / youtube.com

As Prince Eric prepares to marry “Vanessa” (Ursula in disguise), several wedding guests crowd onto the deck of the ship. Two of them are among the biggest names you can pull off for your wedding guest list: the King and the Grand Duke of Cinderella!


The magic carpet Aladdin makes an appearance in The princess and the Frog

Disney / youtube.comDisney / youtube.com

During the opening sequence of The princess and the Frog, a woman shakes the dust off a beautiful purple and gold rug. I was too busy staring at the beautifully bustling street of New Orleans to notice it at the time, but it’s the exact same pattern as the magic carpet. Same carpet? Could all Disney movies be set in the same universe as the Pixar Theory?


Aladdin’s lamp can be seen during Tamatoa’s song “Shiny”

Disney / youtube.com

Moana has a lot of easter eggs, referring The little Mermaid and Frozen. Aladdin also receives a subtle shoutout as Maui stands atop a pile of treasure. It’s hard to spot amidst all the shimmering gold, but there’s no denying this iconic lamp.


Ingredients for Olaf’s Frozen are shown in Moana

Disney / youtube.comDisney / youtube.com

This one might seem over the top at first, but I promise it’s Olaf. Just look at the shape of the carrot and the way the sticks separate at the ends. It’s everyone’s favorite snowman!


Baloo and Mowgli appear in Meet the Robinsons

Disney / youtube.com

Poor Goob. As Mike Yagoobian dozes off during that fateful baseball game at Meet the Robinsons, you can barely make out a faded mural attached to the fence. To improve! It’s actually Baloo and Mowgli from The jungle Book!


Jock’s the Lady and the Tramp appears in The Lion King

Disney / youtube.com

I knew Jock could handle it, but I didn’t expect him to accept a pack of hyenas.


This is not the opening The Lion Kinghis Little chicken

Disney / youtube.com

In the introduction, Buck can’t decide how he wants to start the story. He tries to open The Lion King among other things before returning “to the day when things got worse”.


In Brother Bear, a familiar clownfish from The world of Nemo fly in the air

Disney / youtube.com

If you’re wondering if this is actually a reference to The world of Nemo or literally just a fish, it’s worth pointing out that Brother Bear was released in exactly the same year (2003). Although Disney did not yet own Pixar, they acted as a distributor for their films. Also, clownfish are native to the Indian Ocean, which is a little swim away from Alaska, where Brother Bear takes place. It is therefore a certified easter egg!


A figurine of Mulan’s dog falls out of Professor Porter’s pocket in Tarzan

Disney, Disney / youtube.com

Mulan’s dog, Little Brother, has a characteristic nose and large floppy ears. How could anyone miss him? Well many did it in a heartbeat and you missed it from Tarzan when the professor is shaken upside down. Lots of random things come out of his pocket and someone grabbed the little dog in the split second he was on screen.


Not only does Camillo’s name refer to a chameleon, but also Camilo García, a Colombian tour guide who helped during the production of Encanto

Disney / youtube.com

At Garcia’s words“I also had the privilege of participating in the Disney film Encanto. In 2018, I was hired as the tour leader of the film creator group. I have toured with them in various places in the country and have seen them working hand in hand with Colombian musicians, anthropologists, biologists, historians, dancers, choreographers, artists and even luthiers. [someone who makes string instruments]seeking to make a film that faithfully represents our culture.”


The painting “Girl with a Pearl Earring” hangs in Beast’s house

Disney / youtube.comUniversal History Archive/Universal History Archive/Universal Pictures Group via Getty Images

Just because he’s a giant, surly chimera doesn’t mean Beast can’t taste good


Faded text on abandoned panels in The beauty and the Beast spell the cities of california

Disney / youtube.com

When Maurice gets lost, he comes across unhelpful signs. Not only because the writing on them is almost impossible to read, but because they point to Anaheim and Valence, which are far from France. They didn’t exist in the mid-1700s either… or so? Anyway, Valencia is home to the California Institute of the Arts, where many animators work on The beauty and the Beast has begun!


What are your favorite Disney Easter eggs and which ones did I miss? Let me know in the comments!