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2024 four-star defensive lineman places UC in top five schools


CINCINNATI— One of the top defensive line rookies in the nation placed UC in his top five schools over the past week. Leeds, Alabama’s four-star DL Kavion Henderson still has UC on his radar.

The top five list includes Arkansas, Auburn, Cincinnati, Georgia and Oklahoma. Henderson cut him from a top 10 finish in late June. UC is in the group, but Walk3 don’t think they have a chance of landing Henderson. The site did not list UC with a percentage that Henderson signs there, while Auburn (26.2%) and Georgia (22.9%) lead the race.

According Walk3 consensusHenderson is the No. 194 overall rookie in the 2023 cycle and the No. 14 defensive lineman. ESPN has ranked talent 37th nationally and 22nd among defensive linemen.

At 6-foot-3 and 233 pounds, Henderson is a game-breaker along the line of scrimmage. He is listed as a D lineman, but he mostly lines up as a defensive end. His power is evident on every play and he hasn’t had a single clip where the blockers held him up for more than three seconds.

There aren’t many high schoolers who can handle his mix of speed (4.5-second dash for 40 yards) and shot-to-shot power. Henderson wears down his opponents and never gives up a game.

Although power can be a blessing and a curse. The junior could use a few more pass rush techniques in his arsenal besides the swimming motion. All of this should come with more experience, the basic traits are there, then some with Henderson. Discover his highlights here.