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A designer looks back at the backlash of “dental floss” lingerie


A lingerie designer has responded to some of the reactions one of her bold pieces received after it went viral on social media this week.

The Two Piece Glam Hollywood of Bras N Choses includes a cupless bra at $ 59.99 and a crotchless brief at $ 29.99, neither of which offers any kind of modesty or cover. But the daring look is described as a “bestseller” on the brand’s website.

Bras N Things shared a photo of their revealing design on Facebook. Photo: Facebook

The design turned buyers around after it was posted on the brand’s website. Facebook Monday, the photo receiving tens of thousands of comments.

Many simply likened the look to “ham strung”, although others thought the design was “ridiculous”.

“I can’t wait to approach my husband, hiding him under a large dressing gown, asking if anyone has ordered a delivery of roast ham, only to strip dramatically in front of him and start twerking for” go down, prices are going down, “” one person joked.


“Usually I like bras and stuff… But that’s just ridiculous, sorry. Leave nothing to the imagination, not at all glamorous,” commented another.

Hollywood Glamor Bras N Things Set

The design leaves very little to the imagination. Photo: Bras N Things

“Jesus get behind the wheel… how the hell do you think women are supposed to contain over 50 pounds of fat and rags and grease in that horrible outfit? Asked another customer.

“It’s like when you wear your face mask but with your nose sticking out,” was another reaction, while one person said, “Ohh! This is where I left my dental floss!

Jana, senior designer at Bras N Things, responded to some of the reactions in a post about her. Instagram, calling some of the comments “very funny.”

“So this week one of my designs was posted on our Facebook page… we weren’t expecting it to go viral,” she wrote.

“I am not offended, because I have been designing for years and there is always someone who does not like what you do.”

She pointed out, however, that the design was selling as “hot hams” or “fiery flap silk”.

Jana, senior designer of Bras N Things

Jana, senior designer at Bras N Things, responded to some of the reactions. Photo: Instagram / i.am.jana

She also took to her Instagram Stories to share a photo of herself in last year’s version of the bold look – which was posted in red.

“Because you all asked,” she wrote. “The Christmas ham is here! The color and the bestseller of last year. “

As such, if you like the look and are playful enough to give it a whirl this holiday season, you can take your own set into the Bras N Choses website.

Bras N Things crotchless lingerie

You can shop the look now on the Bras N Things website. Photo: Bras N Things

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