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A lingerie boutique opens in Bedford | News


The Breathless Moments boudoir and boutique had their grand opening of a new store on February 4th.

Owner Olivia Parks had a former location in Bedford and started a boudoir photo business in 2020. The boutique is located in the Bedford Mini-Mall and the photo studio is a secluded room in her home.

The company was born out of a need, according to Parks, for affordable lingerie. She noticed with her photography clients that she received many questions about where she got her supplies and where they could find them themselves.

“I would have a wardrobe full of items for customers to wear, but as the customer base and interest grew in all different shapes and sizes, I realized I had none. not enough for my wardrobe. It was too hard to have something for everyone,” Parks said.

“Each session has a moment where that person is really comfortable with themselves and it’s like a light bulb goes off,” Parks said of her photography sessions. She added that of the 100 to 200 photos she shows clients half the time, the majority of the photos they choose are from after that moment.

“I need to have a lingerie store, it suits me so perfectly,” is what Parks told her husband when she thought about how owning a store would help her photography business. Photoshoots include makeup, hair, a gift card to the store, and hours of getting to know Parks so the day of the shoot goes smoothly.

“I uncover all the horrible and confusing things that social media has done to women, exes or current people outside the world. The worst thing for a woman is to be in her own head and all my work is to get a woman out of her head, because if we can fix that, we can change any part of our lives,” Parks said during her photo shoots.

“A lot of my regulars here aren’t the average build, you know. The media and society have portrayed the average woman as a medium. That’s not true. The average woman is an L/XL,” said Parks.

She added, “A lot of my clients come here because I cater to all shapes and sizes. I carry things they couldn’t find in in-person shopping.

“It may be just one lingerie boutique in the world, but I help women feel more confident about their skin, whether it’s lingerie, comfortable pajamas or a well-fitting bra,” said she added.

She spoke of how the desire to help women might change in the future, “I would like to eventually have a juniors section so moms or dads can bring their teenage girls and we can help them learn more about their bodies and how to fit comfortably.. I wish this was the place a single dad brings his daughter and can say I don’t know how to help her.

“I want women to be able to buy these things in a space without judges or harassment.”

“If I don’t have it, I’ll get it,” Parks said. She further explained that she once found bra fillers for a woman who had a mastectomy, “Nowhere else in town will have them, but I can get them.”

“I offer comfort and security for shopping in a secure space. You don’t have to walk into Walmart and know 15 people who just walked past you or go to the mall and have a bunch of teenagers staring at you,” Parks said.

“I’m here because I love this city,” she says. “It’s like a perfect Hallmark canal town, all on one street.”

Parks also offers men’s boxers and hopes to expand into makeup, footwear and skincare over the next year. She also hopes to open a storefront in Altoona next year.

The boutique also offers private shopping sessions.