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Amelia Hamlin ‘Kicking It’ in Lingerie and Pink Nike SB Dunks


Amelia Hamlin either she wears fine lingerie as a garment, or she wears her Nike to bed!

The 20-year-old model made some influence money on Saturday, July 17. The daughter of the star of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” Lisa rinna posed in barely there underwear and paired it with gentle kicks! Her post was meant to advertise Boux Avenue’s sheer pink polka dot stockings and black bra, but we couldn’t ignore her cool shoes.

“Kick it 👟 @bouxavenue,” the model wrote alongside the sultry snaps.


Instagram / ameliagray

We’re not the most intuitive sneakerheads out there, but his killer kicks seem to be the black and washed coral Nike SB Dunk Low tops. Fans of the cult classic shoe were elated when the company added pink accents just over two years ago. We don’t know if she’s kicking kickflips on a skateboard, but the pink definitely matches her outfit… or her lack of outfit. The shoes originally sold for around $ 90, but they quickly sold out due to their popularity. You can get your own pair if you do a little research, but the price can go up a bit in the aftermarket. We suggest you try the new LAGOON PULSE / MTLC SILVER-SPEED YELLOW (baby blue and yellow), which will be released on July 19, 2021.

Quality family time with records

Scot Disick, Amelia Hamlin and Reign Disick
Instagram / letthelordbewithyou

When Amelia isn’t posing for pictures, she spends time with her boyfriend Scott disick, 38. Scott, who shares three children with Kourtney kardashian, proudly shared a photo of himself with Amelia and her youngest son, Reign. Disick and Hamlin appeared to be enjoying the evening with the family. However, Reign was not very enthusiastic about the smell; the 6 year old pinched his nose in the photo.

“Great night just a little smelly to reign over the old docks,” Scott captioned the cute photo.

Amelia’s dad isn’t thrilled

Amelia Hamlin seen in all brown workout outfits while going to Pilates

The family date comes right after it was revealed that Amelia’s father, Harry hamlin, is not very happy that she is dating someone much older than her. “The most persistent problem is the age difference, which to me is strange,” Hamlin said on the July 7 episode of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”. Scott and Amelia reunited in November 2020, when she was 19.

Scott said Andy cohen that people got it all wrong at the Keeping Up With The Kardashians reunion in June. “Everyone is wrong; that I’m looking for young girls, ”Disick said at the time. “I don’t go out looking for young girls.

He continued, “They happen to be attracted to me because I look young. That’s what I tell myself.

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