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Anastasia Kvitko, dresses in black lace lingerie – CVBJ


Anastasiya Kvitko wore her huge charms among the lace | Instagram

Dressed in one of the most striking outfits in a photograph, the flirtatious Russian model known as The Russian Kim Kardashian, the beautiful Anastasia Kvitko, showed off with only one piece of black lace with which she emphasized her curves.

Simply stunning, this alluring celebrity born in Kaliningrad, Russia on November 25, 1994 constantly appears on various Instagram photos not only on her own account, but also on which her fans share her honor.

On more than one occasion Anastasia kvitko He’s left his millions of followers speechless, and not just on Instagram, he’s done it on his Twitter account as well and maybe on Facebook as well.

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In this photo, which was shared on an Instagram account 100% dedicated to her, she is sitting on the edge of a comfortable gray armchair, her legs together, it looks like she is waiting for something.

Anastasiya Kvitko falls in love with her fans thanks to her revealing content | Instagram anastasiya_kvitko

Kvitko wears only one lace garment that she could easily sleep completely comfortably in, as it is lightweight and apparently it seems that besides having lace it seems silk is another element of her outfit.

While seated, it is a bit difficult to identify the elements of her outfit perfectly, however, when you pay attention to the image, you will notice that she is also wearing a very small piece of clothing made of a fine thread, which is obviously loses among her. charms later.


The post, which was shared 12 hours ago right after the New Year’s celebration, is set to hit 10,000 Red Hearts in terms of comments so far there are 218 in total.

Regarding the official account of Anastasiya kvitko The last post he shared on December 30, being the last photograph of the year he appears with a blue plaid skirt, posing from a beautiful snowy scene.

For years this beauty has become an internet celebrity and we are sure that from the moment she decides to share a new post on her official Instagram account it will be more than perfect, surpassing the previous ones.

Like Kvitko, other extremely alluring and curvy models throughout 2021 filled us with excitement and sighs when we saw them, this 2022 will surely be no exception, especially when it comes to showing off their charms. and their curves.