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Anastasia Kvitko seduces her fans in white lingerie – CVBJ


Anastasia Kvitko from behind poses flirtatiously with interiors | Instagram

This time it is thanks to his white interiors, with which her enormous charms immediately stood out, Anastasia Kvitko once again delighted Internet users with her beauty and especially by the pose in which she was.

Showing her pretty back and with it her hips as well as her enormous charms, this Russian beauty and celebrity has once again made Internet users fall for her curves.

Anastasia kvitko She is also nicknamed The Russian Kim Kardashian, due to the supposed resemblance to the enormous charms of the American socialite, who like her captivates with each of her new publications.

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In a 2016 interview on a TV show, the russian model He commented that he didn’t like the comparisons they made with her and Kardashian very much, that despite having nothing against the businesswoman, the comparisons weren’t fair as both were completely different.

The 26-year-old Russian model usually shows off on Instagram and of course on her Only account, her exquisite figure, so that some fans copy her images and reproduce them, as happened with this beautiful piece.

Anastasia Kvitko from behind poses flirtatiously with interiors | Instagram anastasiya_kvitko

Anastasiya poses on her back, wearing a white cropped top with black lines, she also has white interiors that get lost among her voluptuous back charms.


On the picture you can see an airplane which is in front of her on a tiller, it seems that it is a plane of some kind of machine since it is a rather big gear, behind the tiller there is a cabinet with several books .

This tidy post was made on October 3, in an account specializing only in Anastasia kvitko, currently has 769 publications and over half a million subscribers, a small number compared to Kvitko’s official account.

She currently has 12.2 million followers on her official Instagram, in terms of the posts she has made since joining the app, they now total 1,055 in total.

The flirtatious Russian influencer has been active since 2014, thanks to her publications on her social networks, some companies have worked with her and to this day she continues to be one of the favorites, thanks to her content, we have noticed some companies with which He works.