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Authorities call for security for Independence Day weekend 2021 | Government and politics


Avoid driving a boat at night, especially if you are an experienced operator or are unfamiliar with a certain body of water, Burkett said.

After a trip, ALEA wants people to “drive to get there” – that is, to be patient when they get home and to remember the rules of the road. A new safety law that comes into effect Thursday will increase fines for traffic violations in construction zones with workers present to $ 250 or double the usual fine, whichever is greater.

While swimming on weekends in one of the state’s natural lakes or streams, Alabama Power offered these safety tips:

Never swim alone. Anywhere there is water there is a risk of drowning.

An adult should always supervise children closely. This means no reading, talking on the phone or sending text messages. An adult should be within easy reach of infants, toddlers and weaker swimmers.

Enter shallow water feet first. It is never acceptable to dive in water less than nine feet deep.

Forecasts indicate that the holiday weekend will be hot, but stormy.

In Dothan, temperatures are expected to fluctuate between the low 70s and mid-80s throughout the weekend with the chance of scattered rain and thunderstorms each day, but more likely on Friday where the chance of rain is 84% during the day, according to The Weather. Channel.

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