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Believe the hype: these bras are * actually * comfortable


Real talk, why are there so many terrible bras out there? The bra market is absoutely quantity over quality, with brands offering dozens of styles on many retailers when they’d better stick with one or two silhouettes that really work. Everyone’s chest is different, of course, so I can’t speak for all breasts everywhere, but in my eyes it’s the five most comfortable bras already.

I’m currently somewhere between a 34F and a 34G depending on the fit of each bra, so trust me when I say I know what it’s like to struggle with uncomfortable underwire, overly thin straps that fit. sink into your shoulders and strapless styles that drag your girls down. Finding a good bra shouldn’t be that difficult! This is why I have come to rely on customer reviews instead of brand descriptions – I want to buy based on the thoughts of people who buy and try, not those who are looking to sell me something!

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With that in mind, I thought it made sense for me to share some mini reviews on my five favorite bras of the moment, ranging from my everyday essential to my most beautiful lace option. I even threw a bustier and a bra, for good measure!

Below, read on for details on my five favorites. I won’t judge you if you buy them all!

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Courtesy of Parade.

Courtesy of Parade.

If you like a lace look

Here’s my favorite bra right now, a surprise hit from Adore Me. I usually gravitate to the site for lingerie for special occasions, but their range of everyday items are just as good – and this beautiful bra is the kind of thing that makes me feel all dolled up every day. Available up to 38D, the unlined full coverage cups are as comfortable as you want, more it comes with matching underwear. There are twelve shades, but I live for this very trendy green.

Cynthia unlined bra $ 49.95

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Courtesy of Simone P & # xe9; r & # xe8; le.

Courtesy of Simone Pérèle.

If you want an everyday favorite

This has been my bra of choice for years now, and I have personally taken all cup sizes from the 34D-G, so I have quite a few options on hold when my weight and chest size fluctuate. ! Simone Pérèle is a French lingerie brand that excels in creating stunning bras with a perfect fit, and the caress is the most comfortable everyday bra I have ever come across. It comes in several colors, but I recommend starting with a black and a nude.

Simone Pérèle Caresse Plunging Armature … $ 99

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Courtesy of Victoria & # x002019; s Secret.

Courtesy of Victoria’s Secret.

If you hate underwire (but need it)

I tend to lean against underwire, but in all fairness most of my bras do. I like the look and the support it offers, even if I’m not always crazy about the feeling! The latest Victoria’s Secret launch, the VS Bare Infinity Flex Bra, is aimed at people who feel the same: available in sizes up to 44G, it features flexible gel threads that won’t sink in and the bra itself is designed to fit intuitively and move with your body.

VS Bare Infinity Flex Bra $ 39.50

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Courtesy of Parade.

Courtesy of Parade.

If you prefer bralettes, anyway

TBH, a year of working from home made me live the vida bralette, but find one that is comfortable and support has been tricky. My all-time favorite is Parade Excavator silhouette, available in XS-3XL plus three additional sizes for larger breasts which feature thicker straps for more support. You can read a dedicated review on the magic of this bralette here.

Parade Scoop Bra 28 $

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Courtesy of Aerie.

Courtesy of Aerie.

If you can’t find a decent bustier

For so long I have suffered with strapless bras that were basically normal bras with the straps missing – and they never stayed in place or felt right! Lately, bandeau style strapless bras have been my jam. And I want the world to know it! This one by Aerie goes up to 40DD and has frames on the inside under the lace, which helps give girls more support than the usual uncomfortable strapless silhouette. Plus, it’s almost always on sale!

Aerie Real Power Firework Lace Unlined … $ 29.95

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