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Blackpool: Doctors urge people to wear face masks and work from home


Blackpool’s top doctors are recommending people wear face coverings in high-traffic public places as Covid infections continue to rise at the station.

In the week to October 15, 741 cases were identified in Blackpool, a rate of 535 cases per 100,000 population, an increase of 18.4% from the previous seven days.

Although it is not mandatory to wear masks, doctors recommend that people take possible precautions.

Blackpool Council Director of Public Health Dr Arif Rajpura said: “I have recommended that everyone wear a face covering in indoor spaces where they can meet people outside their homes and in public transport throughout.

“I also recommended that people work from home where they can.”

In his latest Covid update, Dr Jim Gardner, medical director of the Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, also urged people to continue with counseling, including hygiene and wearing face coverings where they feel. vulnerable.

He said: “We are seeing less and less masks worn in public places, but it is still a very important part of protecting the public, so if you are feeling anxious in a public place, I absolutely urge you to have the confidence to put on a mask.

He added that “the usual protection of handwashing and distancing remains important.”

Dr Gardner also urged people to get the booster shot because it was “a fundamental part of keeping everyone safe.”

The latest figures show 71% of Blackpool residents over the age of 12 have received both doses of the vaccine.

Dr Gardner said there are currently six people in intensive care at Blackpool Victoria Hospital with Covid, 54 inpatients who were diagnosed with Covid within 14 days and 25 patients with a diagnosis beyond 14 days.

Blackpool currently has a vaccination center in the Yeadon Way parking lot, while the council vaccination van visits different sites five days a week offering first, second and second vaccines.

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