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Busy Philipps’ racy lingerie selfie leaves fans wondering the same


Hannah Hargrave

Phillips busy took a daring walk down memory lane when she shared a photo on Instagram of herself wearing lingerie, complete with stockings, a corset and a bra.

Unsurprisingly, the photo got a major reaction from her followers, but it wasn’t just Busy’s looks that got them talking.

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In the throwback image, which she captioned: “It was me,” Busy – who was also wearing elbow gloves and high heels – appeared to be in a hotel room.

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But eagle-eyed fans couldn’t help but comment on the bizarre furnishings.
“Is that a couch in a closet?” one of them asked, which amused the other followers. Another added: “What’s going on here?” and a third asked, “Why is the couch in the closet?”

Busy didn’t address the couch situation, but given his sense of humor, she probably would have found it funny, too.

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The actress and mom of two recently posed in her underwear for a very different reason.


Busy fans were confused by the photo

The 42-year-old wore red underwear and a black shirt emblazoned with the phrase “I [heart] NY” and revealed that she was raising awareness about period poverty.

Periodic poverty occurs when people cannot access sanitary products or have a poor understanding of menstruation due to financial constraints. It is estimated to affect 16.9 million people in the United States.z

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In her prominent caption, Busy explained, “I [heart emoji] NY and me TOO I [heart emoji] my REGULATION UNDERWEAR by @theperiodcompany!!!


Busy raised awareness of menstrual poverty

“Isn’t it time to lose the old patriarchal history of our bodies and our rules? (The answer is YES.) This is what @theperiodcompany does and how cute are the red news?!

“My friends, change your life and get them! And for the next 24 hours, PERIOD will match the donation of any purchase to organizations fighting to end period poverty!”

She added: “Let’s face it – there are enough obstacles in life, one period shouldn’t be one. So hurry up – enjoy the best time of your life!”

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