Home Lingerie Cherrie’s in Mills aims to be an adult lingerie and novelty store with “class and style”

Cherrie’s in Mills aims to be an adult lingerie and novelty store with “class and style”


Steven Parlett, Aysha Byers, Rod and Cheryl Parlett at Cherrie’s in Mills (Gregory Hirst)

CASPER, Wyoming – “Everybody’s peeked out the windows” of a new storefront on Mountain View Plaza in Mills, according to Rod Parlett, co-owner of the company.

Parlett, along with his wife Cheryl, son Steven and former oilfield colleague Aysha Beyer, opens Cherrie’s Lingerie, a ‘modern novelty adult wellness’ store.

“We want to do it with class and style,” said Rod.

While there isn’t much to see yet (inventory is still being moved from storage), the distinctive cherry and lip design on the marquee has caught the curiosity of owners of the marquee. ‘neighboring businesses and citizens.

The response has been universally positive, they said, including a blessing from the pastor next door to The Fort Church.

Steven Parlett, Aysha Byers and Cheryl Parlett at Cherrie’s in Mills (Gregory Hirst)

“Everyone is really nice and really accepting,” Cheryl said, adding that a woman she had met and chatted with at the grocery store enthusiastically mentioned the new business, not knowing that Cheryl owned it. .

“She was excited. Like, ‘yeah, well, I don’t have to buy things on the internet! ”

The idea started when Steven and Rod were (again) laid off from the oilfield due to the pandemic. They were tired of the boom and bust cycle, and also tired of moving and being on call all the time.

They had also noted the ubiquity of adult-themed businesses, both locally owned and franchised, in Colorado.

“A lot of research has been done on this, and it’s one of the top five growing companies,” Rod said.

He added that the growth comes from the rapid growth of the millennial population who, like each successive generation, increasingly recognizes sexuality as part of general health and well-being.

Once Steven learned that Adam and Eve, a leading national adult retailer, were planning to open a store in the Casper area, the team acted quickly.

With the help of real estate agent Randy Hall, they secured the location of Mills, formerly Bid’s Place.

“It was a nightmare,” Steven said. Armed with the knowledge gained from many late nights on YouTube, Steven undertook a full demolition and rebuild of the interior. Everything from laminate floors to wood shelves, walls and ceiling tiles, is new.

With his newfound experience in manufacturing, Steven said he was looking to build the specialty furniture himself.

The front of the store (where the shelves are white) will house lingerie and intimate clothing items, Cheryl said. Shoppers looking for sex toys, fetish items, and furniture specially designed to facilitate privacy will venture to the back half of the store (where the shelves are black).

Cherrie’s will not sell pornography; Cheryl says there are plenty of them on the internet.

While exotic dancers, swingers, and online models are sure to be a part of the customer base, Cheryl said the store caters to everyone, including couples, the elderly, or even just someone in the know. looking for a unique garment in which to feel sexy.

“You have to be perfectly healthy,” Cheryl said, “and no different than your heart and your teeth or your eyes, if you are not healthy in your libido you are not a happy person. , nearly.”

Steven said “there has never been shyness” in the family around sexuality.

(Grégoire Hirst)