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Chinese lingerie looks bigger and more inclusive than ever – WWD


SHANGHAI – In the United States, brands like ThirdLove, Savage x Fenty and Skims have built their brands by offering an expanded range of lingerie sizes. In China, however, it’s Ubras, Candy La Vie, and Sujiin who are building fast-growing businesses by offering an inclusive size range.

This new generation of brands stands out from traditional Chinese bra manufacturers like Embry, Aimer or Cosmo Lady with their extended size offerings, product innovation and dynamic advertising, capturing a larger share of the Chinese market by lingerie – estimated by Frost & Sullivan to be worth $ 64.49 billion by the end of this year.

“When you think of the Chinese, you think the Chinese are tiny and thinner, but that’s not true at all,” said Olivier Pichon, founder of Privet, a lingerie distribution company in China that serves as partner for international brands. , including Chantelle Group, Aubade and Eberjey for China. Pichon stated that more C and D cups are sold than A and B in his business.

While body diversity has always existed in a country as large as China – there are 56 officially recognized ethnicities and significant differences even between the northern Han and the southern Han, the dominant ethnic group – women with larger breasts. larges had to rely mainly on international brands to adapt them. . But this growing segment is now becoming much harder to ignore.

According to a study published by the medical journal The Lancet last November, the typical 19-year-old woman in China in 1985 was 5ft 2in, while men were 5ft 5in. In 2019, those numbers jumped to 5 feet, 4 inches for women and 5 feet, 8 inches for men, with the rise in height of men recording the largest gains in the world. Other research by The Lancet has indicated that an increasing number of the population is becoming overweight or obese.

An Ubras campaign with its unique signature collection. The brand’s motto is “one size fits all”.

Beijing-headquartered Ubras, which was the best-selling lingerie brand on Tmall Singles Day last year, was an early supporter of the one-size-fits-all bra idea in China. Founded five years ago, its signature collection is seamless, made of lightweight fabrics and uses no underwire. The company not only has the ability to adapt to all sizes, but said it has designed its bras to accompany the wearer in all activities, whether sleeping, lounging, exercising, traveling. , be in the office and be pregnant. The product was also well suited to the company’s digital model. The reassurance that the product would fit, regardless of size, helped customers feel comfortable shopping online.

In the same vein, Neiwai launched its Barely Zero collection with the slogan “your size is your size” with a soft and highly stretchy product that is suitable for women up to the D-plus cup.

Sujiin, another recent digital start-up that improves inclusiveness, is known for its bras that fit a DD cup and its use of models of all skin colors.

Sujiin is presented as including size and skin color.

Sujiin is emerging as one of China’s most promising lingerie startups.

While the brands above cater to smaller sizes as well, Candy La Vie is a start-up dedicated only to women wearing larger cup sizes.

“Based on our user data and research, we’ve found that 80% of women don’t wear the correct bra size,” said Zhang Chengpu, Co-Founder and Creative Director of Candy La Vie. “A lot of them wore loose clothes. Maybe their size is actually 70D, but they were buying 80B. This kind of situation was common. Or for those who had a little more knowledge about lingerie, they were going abroad to buy their bras.

“Chinese can seem small and overall Chinese people are a bit thinner so the group size may be smaller, but many still need big cups. It’s just not as obvious that they have big breasts, ”she continued, adding that the brand has gone to great lengths to educate the customer on the difference between a large cup size and a large. band size.

Yang Tianzhen in the Victoria's Secret campaign.

Yang Tianzhen in the Victoria’s Secret campaign.

Culturally, it seems that there is a shift underway in China when it comes to body positivity, and women are adopting their larger sizes.

In May, Victoria’s Secret launched a campaign with Yang Tianzhen, an influencer known for her curvy figure and outspokenness about body positivity. In addition to her partnership with Victoria’s Secret, Yang, who first rose to prominence as a celebrity agent for stars like Fan Bingbing and Lu Han, also has her own plus size clothing line, PlusMall.

“I have always found that plus size items are always very dark in color to minimize the appearance of waist size,” Yang said, “but I wanted to have bright and colorful options. If you are fat I don’t think you should deny that you are fat. You should just admit that you are fat, it is still beautiful.


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