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Clothing giveaways benefit the community by providing essential items – Newton Daily News


When a new batch of clothes or blankets is placed on a table in a storage room inside the First Lutheran Church, Judy Monroe neatly piles them into large piles. And with just a few weeks before Neighbors Helping Neighbors organizes their big gift of clothing, Monroe is convinced the batteries will be gone.

That’s how great the need for clothing is in Newton, Monroe pointed out.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors is hosting a winter clothing giveaway at 10 a.m. on October 23 inside the Fellowship Hall of First Lutheran Church, 309 E. Third St. N., to meet this need and ensure members of the community move away from the event. wear or, in some cases, wear the essentials.

“We do them twice a year, except when there is COVID. The last one we had was in the summer of 2019. We do them summer and winter, ”said Monroe. “This room is going to be transformed. Every table that the church has will be set. And we’ll have mountains of clothes.

Made up of people from different religious congregations in Newton, Neighbors Helping Neighbors is an organization that offers free laundry nights and two free clothing giveaways each year. Monroe volunteers for the group, which has been operating in the community for a few years now.

While her role as a laundry assistant takes up much of the organization’s effort, clothing gifts are just as important. Monroe saw the impact firsthand; gifts are a chance for anyone in town to acquire clothes for themselves or their family.

“The need is so great, and we know it by looking at the bread line (at The Salvation Army),” she said. “They line up at 7:30 am for the 9:00 am opening. When we say we’re going to open our doors at ten o’clock, there will be people outside the church doors at eight o’clock in the morning. They want to be on the front lines.

In previous giveaways, volunteers distributed new pairs of underwear and socks until they were exhausted. Monroe said the gesture – which was a response to what the volunteers saw on laundry nights – is also extended to family members who didn’t come with it. The group will continue the tradition this month.

“When they were doing their laundry and we could see the clothes they were washing, we realized that new socks and new underwear were needed,” Monroe said. “The old socks and underwear we saw were wearable. But when you talk about human dignity, brand new socks and underwear go a long way. “

Neighbors Helping Neighbors accepts donations until October 18th. To donate lightly used winter clothing, shoes or boots of various sizes and / or new underwear and socks, Monroe said First Lutheran accepts deposits during their office hours at 8:30 a.m. 12:30 p.m. Stained or torn clothes are not accepted.

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