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Comedian fined for “vulgar” advertising that “disrespects women”


Popular comedian and screenwriter Li Dan was fined nearly 880,000 yuan (US $ 135,863) for posting an illegal ad for women’s underwear on his Weibo account earlier this year.

The fine was announced by the Beijing Haidian District Market Watchdog on Tuesday. Li’s case was listed as a typical illegal advertisement in his official WeChat account.


Li Dan’s post stated that underwear can help women “lie to win in the workplace.”

Li posted the ad on February 24 with the hashtag “workplace life jacket,” claiming that underwear is “equipment that allows women to easily lie down to gain in the workplace. job”.

The post sparked outrage online, with numerous comments saying it was vulgar and discriminatory against women.

Li also wrote in his article “There is nothing I cannot sell” and included a promotional video.

The product brand apologized later that night, saying it was sorry for the discomfort caused by the inappropriate content in the promotion. He said all relevant content has been removed.

Li apologized on his Weibo account the next day, admitting that the promotion was inappropriate.

Comedian fined for advertising


Li deleted his original commercial and apologized on his Weibo on February 25, saying he should pay more attention to how women feel and appreciate criticism from netizens.

Beijing’s market watchdog said women pursue career paths using their own abilities and efforts.

As the watchdog’s statement puts it, the ad “in vulgar terms” is “discrimination against hard-working women and disrespect for women” when paired with “underwear” and “workplace”.

Li’s behavior also violated the advertising law when an advertising spokesperson endorses products that he never uses himself, the watchdog said.

Li’s sole agent, Shanghai-based Xiaoguo Culture Media Co Ltd, was also fined 233,003 yuan earlier this month for failing to fulfill his review obligation, according to the Fengxian District Market Surveillance Body in Shanghai.