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Damiano de Måneskin sexy on Valentine’s Day with Rihanna lingerie


Not just Sanremo: it’s coming Valentine’s Day 2022the best time to have fun and celebrate with della sexy lingerie.

And who could make the gods even hotter erotic outfitsmaybe just the ones from Rihanna’s Valentine’s Day lingerie, if not Damian Davidthe singer of Maneskin?

Because Damiano dei Maneskin cried in Sanremo

“Coraline” isn’t just the title of a Maneskin song. It is also a novel, which later became an animated film. And a name linked to a very special person for the leader of the group…

Damiano David’s tears for his girlfriend Giorgia Soleri

Damian David recently made a name for himself San Remo Festival 2022 for showing up while performing the song Coraline du Måneskin in all its sincere fragility.

Damiano de Måneskin’s tears moved everyone. Coraline it was actually written for his girlfriend Giorgia Soleriwith whom Damiano has been with for about five years, and whom he has also supported in the fight against endometriosis, an “invisible disease” from which one in ten women suffers.

In Sanremo, however, not only Damiano and Giorgia Soleri’s relationship was talked about, but also Gucci’s BDSM-inspired look, totally in line with the style. bold of the group, which made me Maneskin Fans (and probably even those who claim not to be).

Damiano by Måneskin and Rihanna’s sexy lingerie for Valentine’s Day 2022

But back to Instagram: it’s actually in his stories that Damian made an endorsement against the Rihanna’s sexy lingerie for Valentine’s Day 2022.

Below a photo of the men’s lingerie pieces, quoting Rihanna who is now pregnant with her partner A$AP Rocky, Damiano wrote: “Thank you Riri for helping us to be even more sexy”.

Damiano refers to the Valentine’s Day Lingerie 2022 Wild X Fentyunderwear brand Rihanna.

The Rihanna’s lingerie line is in the name of inclusiveness for all: thus Riri has also created the male part of the underwear, and not only the female part, thinking of tops, briefs and boxers for bodies of all sizes.

Will we see Damiano de Måneskin in Rihanna’s sexy lingerie?

The Rihanna’s men’s lingerie line for Valentine’s Day includes, in addition to the classic boxers with hearts in shades of red and pink, something much warmer that many would like to see Damiano dei Måneskin.

The Rihanna sexy lingerie for men in fact, it includes the line Shiny Silkyall in red, which includes crop tops, tank tops and briefs see through which could be a perfect match with some look by Måneskinlike the one inspired by Gucci’s BDSM, which they wore a San Remo 2022.

Could this be a teaser? AT Valentine’s Day 2022 Damiano could break the internet wearing one of Rihanna’s sexy men’s suits.

We do not exclude it: on the other hand I Maneskin they are big Rihanna fans, as you can see in this “stolen” video where they sing from memory Umbrella. See you on February 14 at social media by Damiano dei Måneskin to find out what he will do for Valentine’s Day!

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