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Defense Rises in Importance as Michigan State Dominates Nebraska: Live Updates Recap


Note: Refresh this page throughout Michigan State’s game against Nebraska to see the latest updates.

Over time

Final score: Michigan State 23, Nebraska 20

2nd possession: Kenneth Walker III ran 23 yards out of the wildcat in Michigan State’s first offensive play in overtime. That set up a winning 21-yard field goal by Matt Coghlin.

1st possession: Michigan State’s Chester Kimbrough with the massive interception on a third pitch from Taylor Martinez. He almost sent him back for a touchdown to end the gae. The Spartans only need a basket on their first possession to win the game.

4th quarter

End of regulation: Michigan State goes 3-and-out again, but Nebraska doesn’t go far in the last minute either and we’re heading into extra time. Incredible effort by the Spartans defense and special teams to endure a half time as his offense had no first downs and 14 total yards of attack to take this game into overtime. Nebraska 20, Michigan 20

1:22: Huge streak for Michigan State defense to force a 3-and-out (after failing to rest thanks to the punt return touchdown.) Nebraska dropped a pitch and barely recovered it before Michigan State. The Spartans will have a chance to give the go-ahead here. Nebraska 20, Michigan 20

3:47: Who needs offense? Jayden Reed returns a 62-yard punt for a touchdown and this game is tied. Nebraska 20, Michigan 20

4:45 p.m .: The Michigan State defense finally leaves the field quickly forcing a 3-and-out, giving the Spartans another shot at anything – anything! – go into the second half. Nebraska 20, Michigan 13

6:13 am: Another reader, another 3-and-out. The total yards in this half are 200-5 in favor of Nebraska. Payton Thorne bypassed an open Jalen Nailor and was sacked third on that drive. Nebraska 20, Michigan 13

7:29 am: Nebraska is barely wearing down Michigan State’s defense, having played 40 games against nine for Michigan State. The result is an 11-game, 80-yard touchdown as the Cornhuskers take their first lead of the day. Nebraska 20, Michigan 13

12:34 p.m .: The State of Michigan cannot take anything out of sales. Nebraska blew up a Kenneth Walker III run for a six-yard loss on the second down, and Jayden Reed couldn’t make a low pass on the third down to give Michigan State their third straight 3-and-out ( the refs originally called it a catch, but the state of Michigan took its time on the next snap and allowed an exam that knocked it over). Michigan State 13, Nebraska 13

2:14 p.m .: After a dull third quarter, the Spartans start the fourth with a bang. Jacub Panasiuk stalks Adrian Martinez from behind and pulls the ball away, and Jeff Pietrowski stumbles on it for the Spartans’ first takeaway of the game. Michigan State 13, Nebraska 13

3rd trimester

1:07: The Michigan state offensive turned cold. Nebraska is winning the race better than any Spartans opponent so far this season, and Payton Thorne hasn’t been able to make up for that (he threw behind Jalen Nailor on a cross road on third down). Michigan State goes three and more and will run just six offensive plays for 13 yards in the third quarter. Michigan State 13, Nebraska 13

2:24: After a Michigan State 3-and-out, Nebraska continued another extended but punted practice from the Spartans’ 42s to pin Michigan State inside their 10. After having two conversions in third during the third half. -time, Nebraska recorded five in the third quarter. . It meant spending a lot of time on the ground defending the state of Michigan. Michigan State 13, Nebraska 13

9:10 am: The Michigan state defense gave up three conversions on the third down in its first practice of the game, but finally left the field to force a 28-yard field goal at the end of a 14-yard practice. Michigan State 13, Nebraska 13

2nd trimester

Michigan State 13, Nebraska 10, half time: Michigan State gets a defensive save and enjoys a 7-yard punt from Nebraska’s William Przystup (who played for Michigan State.) Field goal

1:03: Michigan State rushes onto the field once again, thanks in part to defensemen Connor Heyward bulldozing from a 340-yard strike. But the Spartans make a false start and Thorne throws back-to-back failures (having had only one failure so far) and Matt Coghlin hits his second basket of the game. Michigan State 13, Nebraska 10

4:20: Nebraska connects that thanks to some exploits of Adrian Martinez. When Michigan State appeared to have sent him back on the third down for the Nebraska side, he rushed over and completed a 17-yard pass. He then executed an option throw that lasted 18 yards and finished it with a 12 yard touchdown run. Michigan State 10, Nebraska 10

8:20 am: Michigan State quickly reached the red zone thanks to a 41-yard kickoff return from Jayden Reed, a long pass to Tre Mosley and a few runs from Kenneth Walker III. But the Spartans stalled there and settled for a 26-yard field goal from Matt Coghlin. Michigan State 10, Nebraska 3

11:22 am: Adrian Martinez puts Nebraska in the Spartans’ 10-yard line with a 45-yard rush (in which Michigan State almost tackled him in the backfield), but the Cornhuskers are content with a 28-yard field goal after a strong red zone. Michigan State. Defensive end Drew Beesley left the game in a cart during this series with an apparent injury to his right leg. Michigan State 7, Nebraska 3

2:04 p.m .: Flea flicker strikes again. Kenneth Walker returns to Payton Thorne, who finds Jayden Reed open behind defense for a 35-yard touchdown to put Michigan State on the board on a quick strike. Michigan State has amassed 55 yards in three games. Michigan State 7, Nebraska 0

3:00 p.m .: Quavris Crouch ends the first quarter with a sack on third base to force a punt and return the ball to Michigan State with a good position on the field. Cal Halladay also had a strong pass break on the second down as the Michigan State defense was solid early on. Michigan State 0, Nebraska 0

1st trimester

2:01: Michigan State goes 3-and-out. Nebraska appears to take it upon themselves to stop the race and force Payton Thorne to do the work with his arm, and that has been slow so far. On the positive side, Bryce Baringer starts a 67-yard to stop Nebraska on its own 6-yard line. Michigan State 0, Nebraska 0

3:33: Adrian Martinez went to the locker room, so Nebraska had to turn to Logan Smothers in his second practice (Martinez sidelined just after the end). The Cornhuskers found room for a few long runs, but were stopped by consecutive false starts and a defensive position from Michigan State. Michigan State 0, Nebraska 0

7:08 am: Michigan State takes a fourth bet and loses, as Payton Thorne is tackled in the backfield immediately after faking a transfer. The Spartans had qualified for the Cornhuskers’ 25, in large part thanks to a heavy blow to the passer that gave Michigan State a first try. Michigan State 0, Nebraska 0

12h19: Michigan State countered with a solid defensive first practice, forcing a three-and-out and registering a sack. Nebraska quarterback Adrian Martinez was slow to recover after a third run. Michigan State 0, Nebraska 0

1:15 p.m .: Michigan State’s first practice ends with Payton Thorne’s first interception of the season. With the Cornhuskers loading the box and bombarding, Thorne went deep and knocked down a receiver directly into the arms of a safety. Michigan State 0, Nebraska 0

Pre-match: No major news before this one. A few expected names came out: Elijah Collins, Itayvion “Tank Brown, Jack Camper and Ian Stewart. Angelo Grose appears to be wearing some sort of shawl on his left hand.

Fans are heard early and line the stadium, though pockets of red disturb him. Suffice it to say, Mel Tucker’s wish not to exceed 2,500 Nebraska fans is unlikely to come true.


It’s time to see how Michigan State behaves as a ranked team with a little bit of attention and expectations all of a sudden.

This is the situation the Spartans find themselves in after a surprise victory in Miami that has kept them undefeated at 3-0 and propelled them up the domestic standings at No.20.

The Spartans will face a Nebraska team that fell flat in a season opener loss to Illinois, but have looked better since then and scared an Oklahoma top-five team. on the road last week.

Michigan State will struggle to defend another mobile quarterback in Taylor Martinez, but also has its own rejuvenated offense at its disposal.

Follow here for live updates throughout the evening.

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