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Did a pastor in Nairobi forbid women to wear underwear to “easily receive the spirit of Jesus”? What we know


A video has gone viral on social media where it is claimed that the pastor in Nairobi, Kenya has ordered women attending his church to stop wearing underwear. According to the host of the video, the pastor from Nairobi, Kenya explained that the step was to make sure that the women “received Jesus” in the best possible way.

The statement read “A local pastor ordered all women who attend the Lord’s Propeller Redemption Church service to refrain from wearing underwear while they attend so that they can more easily receive the service. ‘spirit of Jesus Christ “. The TV screen behind the news anchors can be seen reading “Jesus is coming”.

The lady reporting the news wondered what was going on in this church and informed that the women in the church were listening and obeying the orders of the pastor. She also seemed curious as to why the men hadn’t been ordered to do the same. “And why would Jesus want … why would his spirit want to enter them that way?” the presenter wondered if said “spirit” wanted to enter the body through the orifices.

The male anchor, also very amused, wonders if the spirit of Jesus would come and be disappointed that the person is wearing underwear and therefore “cannot come in”. He also wondered who in their right mind would believe that Jesus would be blocked by the underwear. “Are your underwear Jesus Kryptonite?” ” he’s asking himself. Kryptonite is a mythical material found in the Superman comic book series and generally has a negative effect on Superman.

He then exclaimed that despite the bizarre nature of the instructions, people listened to the pastor and came without panties and bra. “You have been brainwashed to such an extent that you begin to believe that the person is communicating with God,” said Anchor.

As ridiculous as the news might sound, the pastor’s claims seemed too strange and unusual not to be a satire. But OpIndia researched and found out that the news is old news from 2014. According to a 2014 METRO report, a pastor in Nairobi, Kenya, named Rev. Njohi, banned women from wearing underwear in his church. . Lord’s Propeller Redemption Church is also clearly mentioned in the 2014 report.

Pastor Njohi said at the time that worshipers should feel free in their “minds and bodies”, but did not tell the men to leave their underwear at home as well. The pastor also warned women of the serious consequences if the new rule is not followed.

A 2014 CBS Veterans Network report also mentioned Reverend Njohi, a Kenyan pastor prohibiting parishioners from wearing underwear.

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