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Dog Days of summer 2021 | Life


1 Cindy Kurylo smiles with her furry friends Dusty and Roxie.

2 Carroll, the best therapy dog ​​in Hampshire County, visits the hospital and the Hampshire Center.

3 DixieBelle, a 9-year-old Doberman, is a beach bum with her mother Heather Staggs of Romney.

4 Bayley enjoys the sunset with her father Travis Flanagan.

5 Shirley Hunt cuddles her boyfriend, Buddy.

6 Suzy is a Border Collie puppy whose parents are Kenny and Karen Hirst from Augusta.

7 Skippy, who died in May, was Kenny Hirst’s fellow hunter and loving companion.

8 Whiskey, Quinten Champ’s puppy, sports a big smile in Purgitsville.

9 Bucky is Candy Dove’s lovely furry friend in Points.

10 Jake is owned by Lisa Letterman of Points.

11 Addlie Shanholtz is keeping cool by the pool with her mate Cooper.

12 Sussie Buissett’s babies bathing in the sun.

13 Belle (left) and Niko (right): the golden retrievers of Romney’s Jeff and Dory Keppler

14 Olive, from Romney, is owned by Denise Huard.

15 Rhonda Ryan’s puppy (8 weeks) Evey enjoys the river.

16 Beowulf is chasing “trash” at an AKC “FASTCAT” event. Its owners are Karl and Carolyn Loper, Springfield.

17 Whitey and Thor are Kevin and Diana Sheets new additions to the Romney family.

18 Max is owned by Earl and Barbara Sheetz of Springfield.

19 An old farmer and his new puppy: Mike McKee, with Toby, his Australian Shepherd.

20 Trenadi and Dallas with their new furry baby Axel.

21 Wayah, the sweet daughter of Lacey and Nathaniel Miller, gives her best smile.

22 Harper Jane from Romney, a 6-month-old silver lab owned by Chelsea Greer.

23 Jessica Miller Sidney’s Puppy (Sunrise Summit)

24 Jessica Miller Kona’s Puppy (Sunrise Summit)

25 A Beautiful Group of Dogs: Snyper, Ruger, Max, Layna, and Ox all belong to Raven and Adam Malone from Capon Bridge

26 Augusta’s Kyle Saville goes fishing with his puppy Moose.

27 Hailey Taylor, Romney and her puppy Jazmine

28 Cedar, of Slanesville, is Kim McCauley’s sidekick and travel companion.

29 Emmi celebrates her 11th birthday with Madison and Isabella Campbell in Slanesville.

30 Tippy lives in Romney with her parents, Kenneth and Kayla Rayner.

31 Paityn and her best friend Gizmo, from Romney

32 Pam Kesner with her boyfriend Sandy

33 Austin Shirley from Pin Oak with mate Chance

34 Cooper is owned by Allen Buckley and Laura Dotson of Romney.

35 Murphie and Finn are enjoying their vacation in the Outer Banks with mom Kaitlyn Parsons Johnson (Gore, Virginia).

36 Boomer (left) and Skye (right) belong to Faith Smith.

37 Shelby and Andy Corbin’s smiling canine companion Baxter, Romney

38 Kelly and Jared Shaffer (Slanesville) are joined by Tucker.

39 Bentley Cooper tries to relax while his humans Jen Russell and Patty Combs (from Romney) take a photo.

40 Romney’s Delilah Ginevan with Boyfriend Oscar

41 Romney’s Oscar and Butterscotch Ginevan soak up the sun.

42 Vanessa Hochard’s Coal loves a snowy day.

43 Ryker, who belongs to the Hochard family, is enjoying his day in the snow.

44 Murphie, of Gore, Virginia, hangs 10.

45 Gary Belt and his partner Chloe, from Springfield

46 Tegan Moravec of Lillington, NC, keeps a straight face with her dog banner from Mimi and Pappy Kev to Romney.

47 Romney’s Pam Francis Jingo’s Puppy

48 An excitable puppy, Keira greets her family with a smile. She is owned by Romney’s Chassity Tharp.

49 Brett Myers with his boxer, Champion, from Bloomery

50 Heather Myers kisses her puppy Gracie to Romney.

51 Heather Myers and Sweet Fancy, who just turned 15

52 Bo is owned by Chrissy Napier of Augusta.

53 Thunder is a white boxer, and he is owned by Andrew and Tammy Bourelle of Augusta.

54 Nova sits well with her human, Hayden Hibbs from Springfield.

55 Buddy and Bella Hines from Capon Bridge observe Hurricane Elsa in Myrtle Beach.

56 Gary and Patty White’s puppy Sadie enjoys sunbathing after a swim in the pool.

57 Cathy Wisner’s dog Lucy watches out for squirrels in Slanesville.

58 Sloan Clower (Springfield) with his dog Emma

59 Springfield’s Sloan Clower takes a nap with his puppy Chloe.

60 Eddie Summerlin gets kissed by his dog Chance of Sunrise Summit.

61 Lou and Lois Thibault’s sweetheart looks through her Frisbee.

62 Darling Thibault

63 Cash Mills and Romney’s best friend Braxton

64 Audrey McDonald, Romney, with one of her favorite huskies, Pinkie.

65 Romney’s Jaydon McDonald with his Blue Heeler, Boomer

66 Cooper cheeses on a summer morning in Augusta with mum Michell Taylor.

67 Willie Nelson is owned by Sharon and Bob Rankin of Delray.

68 Bella, owned by Delray’s Cheryl Richardson and Bill Pratt, steals mom’s bath mat.

69 Ember, the freshly groomed puppy of Eddie and Christina Heavner, from Springfield

70 Gunnar cuddles daddy Eddie Heavner from Springfield.

71 Henry strikes a pose. Her mother is Tina Raye from Keyser.

72 Rhonda Ryan’s Zoli loves life on the South Branch.

73 Ellie and Emmy from Green Spring are at home on the South Branch River (mother is Rhonda Ryan).

74 Augusta’s Michell Taylor team poses for the camera: Marshall (a rescue from Love Shack), Ava, Max and Maggie.

75 Skye (mom Rhonda Ryan) from Green Spring hangs out by the river.

76 “Every snack you make, every meal you prepare, every bite you take, we’ll be watching you. – Maggie and Lucky, with their companion Windy Cutler

77 Ethan Knave and Cinnamon cool off in the AC in Augusta.

78 Oliver Henry Hook rides the gator with his pap Donald Hook in Paw Paw.

79 Tucker Jones sorts the laundry for his favorite human, Romney’s Russ Conrad.

80 Ayden Wright, of Romney, with his friend Zeus.

81 Austin Wright shares some Dairy Queen with Zeus in Romney.

82 It’s nap time for Belle and Rose Stewart from Shanks (owners Mark and Irene Stewart).

83 Susie Rhodes’ Pepper Sue

84 Milo, Ronnie and Brenda Keckley’s dog

85 Pup is owned by Steven Keckley.

86 Jax is getting ready for a nap in Augusta. Her parents are Amy and Bob Sugg.

87 Josie does her best “upside down dog” at Augusta with Amy and Bob Sugg.

88 Brandi Hines submitted this snap of Layden and Bella from Slanesville.

89 Billy Judy with his grandfather, Roscoe. They’ve been friends since Roscoe was a puppy.

90 Jethro goes camping along the river with Wayne and Judy Nealis in June 2020.

91 Trixie by Rudy Ferguson, from Ice Mountain

92 Romney’s Silas Nichols with his favorite daughter, Cinder, an adorable miniature labradoodle

93 Mark and Jo Jones of Slanesville are owned by 8 year old Australian Shepherd Grendel.

94 Rocco Moreland is hard at work in Romney, in this photo submitted by Paige Mathias

Paige Mathias’ 95 pup, Barkley, ran the WVU Virtual Pet Dash in Romney.

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