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Dragons’ Den’s Steven Bartlett and Touker Suleyman in furious row over £90 bras


DRAGONS’ Den stars Stephen Bartlett and Touker Suleyman were embroiled in a furious row tonight – over £90 worth of bras.

Business tycoons yelled at each other in animated scenes as Edinburgh-based lingerie company Love Rose made their business pitch for a £70,000 investment.


Stephen Bartlett was caught up in a furious argument with Touker Suleyman
Touker did not hold back


Touker did not hold back
The pair fell out over bras worth over £90


The pair fell out over bras worth over £90

Entrepreneurs Caroline Kennedy Alexander and Sarah Bell Jones have created luxury post-surgery underwear designed to be “sleek and sexy” for cancer survivors.

Caroline told the Dragons: “A bra isn’t just a functional item, it’s emotional support. We support our ladies in more than one way.

“It’s not just about physical scars, it’s also about emotional scars.”

She also revealed that she had battled breast cancer twice, had a double mastectomy and lost a sister to the disease.

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But titan Touker warned them that building a brand would be “difficult” because of their “very small USP”.

He urged the couple to expand their brand to accommodate pregnant and breastfeeding women before being interrupted by a furious Stephen who fumed: “I think that’s the opposite of Touker, I have to be honest .”

Touker immediately fired back, “I’ve been in this business for 45 years, so don’t tell me. I’m telling you exactly what I think.”

But Stephen went on to shout, “I’ve built some of the greatest marketing brands in the world!”

He added: “You don’t want a super broad, unimaginative brand if you want to build a brand among a small group of people.

“A really clear and powerful story grounded in the loss of her sister targeting a niche audience that has a really big issue in their life with a clear and emotional message, I mean, what else do you want?”

Touker retorted, “Well invest then!”

Social media users couldn’t get enough of the bickering Dragons, in what becomes a weekly event.

One said, “Touker vs. Steven is amazing viewing every week. Old school meets new school.”

Another joked: “Touker and Steven oxen, it’s so funny.”

Meanwhile, a third added, “Touker and Steven…the pettiness…the drama…I LOVE IT.”


But they were less than impressed with the lingerie on display – with bras carrying a price tag of £85-£90.

One fumed: ‘£85 for a bra is extortion when the women who need to buy them probably don’t have the disposable income to afford to buy them in the first place.’

A second said: ‘Their target audience are women who have been through physical and emotional pain, who potentially have shitty sick pay, and they’re going to charge them £85 for a bra?’

And a third wrote: “As a breast cancer survivor, I was very impressed with these bras.

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“But £85 is really incredibly expensive, especially as I have limited salary and income due to illness. I will stick with M&S and their drug free post-surgery bras. ‘tax. I got out.’

The Dragons, unfortunately, seemed to be on board – with big ticket items and the niche market, Caroline and Sarah were walking away from the Den empty-handed.

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