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Education and awareness campaign promotes use of life jackets among Latino families


“The campaign emphasizes that wearing a lifejacket for water-related activities should be as usual and natural as using seat belts in cars. Furthermore, it should be clear that safety involves every member of the family and wearing a properly fitted lifejacket is a prerequisite You never know when you will need your lifejacket Incidents happen very quickly and there is no There’s usually no time to don a life jacket, and donning a life jacket in the water is next to impossible for most people, so we urge everyone to wear them“, said the executive director of the Water Sports Foundation (WSF) jim emmons.

Eight out of 10 deaths during boating activities occurred when the victims were not wearing a life jacket, even though life jackets were available on the boat. Therefore, it is essential that everyone on the boat wears a lifejacket of the appropriate size for their weight.

Statistics also show that the Latino community has one of the highest percentages of people, especially children, who cannot swim. In 2020, 7 out of 10 incidents in aquatic activities occurred during the summer season in the months of May, June, July and August; also 63% of the deaths caused by these incidents occurred during these four months of the year.

The new Coast Guard approved lightweight inflatable life jackets for adults are more comfortable and less restrictive. When the wearer instantly falls into the water, the automatic inflator fills an air bladder with compressed carbon dioxide ensuring immediate flotation. Inflatable life jackets are not approved for children, but they are a great alternative for adults.

This campaign is very important to all of us here at HCN, which is why we continue our efforts with WSF to help create a culture of water safety among our Latin American families, through our public service announcements on Red Hispana and the HCN Affiliate Network. digital stations and platforms,” said Alison Rodden, CEO of Hispanic Communications Network.

The campaign, which will continue this summer, includes the distribution of public service announcements through La Red Hispana-affiliated radio stations and integrations on its Bienvenidos America, Dra. Isabel, and En Privado radio broadcasts, and a dedicated page on the La Red Hispana website. The campaign also includes the dissemination of messages through digital platforms. Funding for this campaign comes from a grant from the Sport Fish Restoration and Boating Trust Fund administered by the US Coast Guard.

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