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Entrepreneur Mariia Syrotiuk presents the first collection of luxury lingerie


Mariia Syrotiuk is one of the famous American entrepreneurs based in Ukraine. She is well known for flaunting her luxurious lifestyle on social media and inspiring younger generations to achieve their dreams. She believed in her dreams, and so she started from scratch to become a millionaire.

With her entrepreneurial traits on full display at the tender age of 16, Mariia Syrotiuk launched her own Amazon-exclusive brand of men’s accessories. Her brand being banned, she moved to the United States with the dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur. She didn’t speak English, but she had a strong determination to succeed in life.

Mariia Syrotiuk, aka Meriel, started learning English, improving her communication skills, reading self-help books and watching motivational videos. In parallel, she worked in a watch store in Diamond District, and at the same time, she was developing her Instagram profile. Later, she started her own marketing agency to work on her brand.

One of her dreams is to bring luxury and designer lingerie that can create a “wow” moment for her customers. It took her four months to bring her first Crystal lingerie collection which she styled with stunning rhinestones. She carefully checked each lingerie packaged in a beautiful sweet-scented box.

Building on the success of her first collection, Mariia Syrotiuk plans to offer a new collection with a comfortable style. Her goal, now, is to bring a comfortable lingerie set that may not look glorious but will give customers an expensive lingerie feel. She prefers to go with the most common colors while adding more stunning colors and patterns. To find out more about her upcoming collections, follow her on @bymeriel and @lingeriebymeriel.