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Inside Asian Gaming recently announced the delivery of local projects and construction services company Bobadilla Group Macau (BGM) as the title sponsor of the official Asian Gaming Power 50 Black Tie Gala Dinner After Party on Friday. November 5, 2021. BGM Project Development Manager Laranja Iris Bobadilla Vera Carter provides insight into the company’s unique operations.

IAG: Bobadilla Group Macau was recently named the title sponsor of the official after-party of the 2021 Asian Gaming Power 50 Black Tie Gala Dinner at Wynn Palace. What attracted you to the Power 50?

CL: Honestly, when I first saw your ad I was like “Yeah I’m gonna sponsor”. Then I got worried that Bobadilla Group Macau wouldn’t qualify as it has nothing to do with the game, but I thought I would give it a try anyway. The whole event was put together to be very lively and it got me excited for a party like this. We are stuck here in Macau and there have been no shows and nowhere else to go. I was hungry for a party and can’t wait to get dressed!

IAG: The Power 50 Gala Dinner gets bigger and better every year, and now the inclusion of an official After Party is one of them. What are you most looking forward to at the After Party?

CL: It’ll be at the Wynn Palace pool, right? Can we swim? I can’t wait to attend the next party and get to know more people in the industry. I’m also interested in seeing who will be the first person in the pool!

Head of Project Development BGM Laranja Iris Bobadilla Vera Carter

IAG: We are honored to have BGM on board this year. Can you tell us a bit about the history of the company?

CL: Initially, Bobadilla started out with local Macau labor and the rental of facilities, including heavy and light machinery for the construction industry. After working with so many companies in Macau and Europe, I decided to expand the business to include specialized niche services that seem to be lacking in Macau, namely theatrical automation facilities and continuous operation. .

I was fortunate enough to hire Chuck Freyer as BGM’s Automation Manager and it gives me more confidence to keep the company in the maintenance and operations contracts. We have now hired Ryan Jones as Director of Automation to strengthen our delivery capabilities. Both are very experienced in automation. These two gentlemen alone have over 40 years of combined experience in the theater automation industry and have worked with nearly every major venue in the city. Growing up from there, I expanded the team and have a dedicated staff who are able to successfully and efficiently complete projects safely, on time and according to clients’ expectations.

IAG: BGM certainly has several hats. What are the different services you offer?

CL: Oh a few hats of course, but not too many! We provide various construction, theater automation, engineering and operation services, storage services – inside and outside – land rental, rigging services and consultancy services. design.

BGM provided support for the installation of theater structural elements for the MGM theater in Cotai.

IAG: There is still considerable development in Macau, especially when it comes to integrated resorts. What are the main projects in this sector on which BGM has worked and what involvement has the company specifically had on these projects?

CL: BGM works with contractors, suppliers and client groups locally in Macau and offshore. We set up delivery solutions for our customers, including FF&E installation, thematic illustrations, automation engineering, programming and maintenance. Some of our key projects have been Flip Out in Studio City; Crystal Palace at the Londoner; the assembly, installation and automation of the Balloon Display in retail at the Grand Lisboa Palace; automation work at the Catwalk Garden of the Grand Lisboa Palace; aquarium installation at MGM Cotai; and fitting-out, mechanical automation and labor supplies for the House of Magic and Golden Reel in Studio City. We have also provided automation and skilled labor supplies for the Dancing Water House in City of Dreams, and for Wynn Palace, MGM Theater in Cotai and Galaxy Macau.

IAG: What are the main challenges for the development of integrated resorts in Macao?

CL: One of the most difficult aspects is the tendering process. Most businesses only look at the dollar amount, not the ability of the business to do the job. I have seen many projects fail or be extended for an eternity because a company went for the lowest bid, not realizing that it would cost them much more in the long run.

The mechanical installation and the automated programming of the balloons at the Grand Lisboa Palace were provided by BGM.

IAG: You mentioned that BGM is known for building theaters in Macau. What does this imply?

CL: Surprisingly a lot. It is a combination of thematic and engineering works of art, therefore two areas of discipline. Each has their exacting standards and it takes dedication and discipline to fit them together. We merge art and engineering every day.

IAG: Finally, for anyone with a need for project management or any of the other services you provide, why is BGM the best choice?

CL: Our dedication to the project. No matter what is needed, we will give it the attention it deserves to deliver the best product imaginable.

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