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Fart-filtering litter box started by company to help windy sleepers


The company behind gas-filtering underwear has developed its latest invention: windproof bedding.

The carbon underlay and filter of the Shreddies duvet cover have integrated carbon panels to trap the stench of foul gas to help those with bad wind – and those they sleep next to.

The £ 110 draw sheet is designed to slip easily under a fitted sheet, while the £ 180 duvet cover provides extra stench protection for the sleepy, trapping the scent and neutralizing it.

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The Leicestershire company said: “You can just insert your own duvet into the cover and your gas will be discreetly filtered through the night.

“Both products use the same technology as our award-winning underwear, the highly porous carbon acts as an adsorbent that attracts and traps gas odors and is simply reactivated when washed.

“These all-new products are the latest in a long line of successful odor control products that the Shreddies brand is known for for its patented underwear, shorts, cushions and odor elimination bags. .

The products are all made at the Shreddies base in Cotes, near Loughborough.

The company was founded in 2009 by Paul O’Leary who developed and patented gas filtering underwear.

The liner absorbs odors and the stench comes out in the wash

Since then, the award-winning Shreddies product line has grown to include pajamas, jeans, cushions and bags.

According to Shreddies, the average person evacuates gas 14 to 20 times a day, and many people experience excessive gas at night when lying down.

After dark, gas builds up inside the colon, coming out in powerful bursts, rather than slowly coming out like it does during the day.

The company said, “Throughout the night this gas is released and can cause an unstable night’s sleep and an unpleasant odor.

“We know from talking to our clients that bad gas at night can get spouses out of their marital beds.”

To learn more, visit the Shreddies website here.

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