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Fashion buys that GRAZIA editors covet during lockdown

MILAN, ITALY – SEPTEMBER 23: Tina Leung wearing cream white blazer and dress and Gala Gonzalez wearing brown blazer and pants, beige bag outside Max Mara during Milan Fashion Week – Spring / Summer 2022 on September 23, 2021 in Milan, Italy. (Photo by Christian Vierig / Getty Images)

Shopping during the lockdown has become something of a national pastime, at least for half of Australia. Despite social distancing restrictions making a lot of our wardrobes redundant, it seems like we’re all bored and looking to fill them up anyway.

Whether it’s luxury loungewear that can be enjoyed right now, durable underwear to wear anywhere, or the perfect accessory to put on after Freedom Day, here is the clothing team. GRAZIA covet after this month.

Sleep with the Jacques Bon Vivant dress, $ 489, and velvet stockings, $ 299, in Dusty Rose BUY NOW

“As a permanent WFH I’m desperately trying to get out of the sportswear trap and turn to clothes with… well, a lot less lycra. This beautiful local brand presents the perfect compromise, with chic and durable pajamas that could easily be mistaken for an everyday outfit (extremely luxury). Switching from my sad trackies to soft and delicious fabrics like velvet makes me feel super comfy, while still looking ready for the inevitable hours on Zoom. I’m not yet convinced that I won’t spill my morning coffee on it, but the blush shade was too pretty to resist. – Kate Lancaster, beauty editor collaborator

Quay Australia School of Art, $ 65 BUY NOW

“It’s a well-known fact that I love sunglasses. Seriously, even a containment walk requires me to try on three different pairs before I leave the house. Much to my sartorial pleasure, the Quay brand has released their latest collection of specs for spring. The new line defends Australian culture with playful colors and a retro-inspired color palette. Made exclusively for the country, it hopes to inspire positivity and expression in containment or not. I’m not the type to love color, but these lime green frames are hard to pass up. – Rebekah Clark, Report Writer

Coach Tory Burch Good Luck, $ 480 BUY NOW

“While the elegance of this sneaker is something to look at, it is the idea that Tory Burch put into incorporating his lucky charm into his design that is really true at a time like this. Burch – can – being a little superstitious – has always been fascinated by symbols of luck (the evil eye, touching wood and wearing a red ribbon every time she travels) – and this sneaker has a triangle built into its sole. I love them for myself (the Double T logo is chic and the deep ankle makes them perfect for traveling and shopping), but I love them even more as a gift for one of my best friends who is going through a rough time. little luck to someone you love. – Jessica Bailey, Editorial Director

Nico organic triangle bra, $ 72, and organic high waisted brief, $ 52, in lilac BUY NOW

“I’m going to be vulnerable here and admit my underwear drawer is … well, really embarrassing. I’ve never really been in lingerie, because silk, lace and ruffles have never been my style. While I have sometimes invested in a nuce bra here and there, I usually end up wearing the same boring, daggy little old-timers. I decided a long time ago that unlike my shoe collection, comfort is my main concern when it comes to my bras and underwear. However, that shouldn’t mean I have to resort to ill-fitting supermarket prices, should it? I decided to restock my drawer with sustainable local brands that offer chic and simple styles every day. I picked this cute set from BITS, an amazing Australian lingerie store, from the NICO brand and I’m obsessed. They are so comfortable, work with everything and I love the ethical and transparent ethics of the brand. – Kate Lancaster, beauty editor collaborator

Public Figure Zodiac Sarong, $ 139.95 BUY NOW

“When Public Figure rolled out their Zodiac Napkins, they quickly became a cult summer staple across Australia. As the new season approaches, the brand has teamed up with multidisciplinary artist and friend of the brand, Anisah Nasir, to create a new line of sarongs inspired by each star sign. Ethically made in India and made from 100 percent cotton, we expect them to be just as popular. Tie it around your waist like a bikini blanket or twist it into a halter top suitable for any poolside night out. –Rebekah Clark, Report Writer

Mona Meshki High Waist Linen Trousers, $ 99 BUY NOW

“One of my favorite things to do on a night out right now is build my wardrobe of freedom and that doesn’t need a pair of white, trans-seasonal, pin-tuck linen pants for a lunch at Totti’s in the spring, summer, and fall? Granted, I wasn’t too familiar with the Meshki brand until it hit my inbox and then on my front door, but I’m really impressed with the quality and fit. The brand has some really cool basics too, so if you’re looking for basics to fill in the gaps between designer items, check them out. (I also have the matching Yalda crop. It’s really cute! And those Aggie shoes because they don’t try too hard to be Bottega’s!) ”- Jessica Bailey, Editorial Director

Jacquemus Les Chaussettes ribbed socks, $ 60 BUY NOW

“I was looking for the perfect pair of ribbed socks – although it’s not a phrase I thought I would type, it is no less true. I’m sure I’ll consider this moment as the sad peak of my containment shopping: socks to wear on my daily tours from The Tan to Melbourne. I realized not too long ago that no one wears socks anymore and scoured social media to find a pair that I have really loved ever since. This Jacquemus set satisfies my clothing desires in two ways; they’re practical and yet unbearably exxy, so I feel like I’ve simultaneously solved a problem while making me believe it’s a stylish investment. – Kate Lancaster, beauty editor collaborator

NIKE AIR MAX 2021, $ 230 BUY NOW

“Every year Nike releases a new version of its beloved Air Max silhouette. While lifestyle sneakers take on a new stylistic personality every year, the Nike Air Max 2021 is markedly different this year for another reason. As the sportswear giant moves towards a zero carbon, zero waste future – the brand’s initiative dubbed ‘Move to Zero’ – the new style has been made from at least 20% recycled materials in weight. It’s still the same comfort and light feeling you’ve come to expect too, but the steps are a bit lighter on the planet as you walk in. – Rebekah Clark, Report Writer

Louis Vuitton Patti wedge ankle boots, $ 2,990 BUY NOW

“At just 20 years old, Emma Chamberlain is one of Generation Z’s most influential women – and for good reason. I came across the random YouTuber’s videos this month after she first attended the Met Gala at Louis Vuitton. While I’m not easily swayed by Millennial Content Creators, I have to make an exception here. In collaboration with the French Maison, Chamberlain appeared in the footwear campaign for Fall / Winter 2021. If there’s one silhouette I’m adding to the basket this season, it’s the Patti Wedge ankle boots. – Rebekah Clark, Report Writer

Venroy Crushed Backless Dress in Red, $ 220 BUY NOW

“There are a lot of things that come to mind when I think about the sweltering summer in Sydney. Sunrise walks, salty evenings spent at Bronte Baths (when it’s too hot to do anything else) and cocktails at the famous Bondi Icebergs institution. And nine times out of ten I wear a beautiful Venroy linen piece. It’s no secret that containment got me hooked on their soft cashmere pieces, but I’ve been obsessed with their summer collections for much longer. The Spring / Summer 2021 collection has arrived in stores and while we couldn’t make it to a distant European destination, Venroy delivered it to us as well. I can’t wait to wear this bright orange piece on Freedom Day. – Rebekah Clark, Report Writer

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