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Five Thoughts on Archer’s “Midnight Run” – Multiversity Comics


Hi people! Welcome to our weekly recap of Archer‘s fourth season, on Multiversity Summer TV Binge 2022. This week’s episode is called “Midnight Run” and features a team up between Archer and his stepdad Ron, let’s dive in!

1. On the ambiguity of the illegal border crossing

Archer wakes up in Canada without a passport and Malory doesn’t want to help him, luckily for him he has a new dad taking care of him, or maybe he just wants to get points with Malory… the fact is that’s an opportunity for a bit of bonding between the new family, but first they illegally crossed Archer across international borders.

Ron suggests that Archer hide in the trunk because the border agents won’t check him, it just happens at the Mexican border, and it works! This joke reflects one of the most confusing realities in North America, while the southern border is a militarized line of racism with advanced technology to find immigrants, the northern border tends to be so lax that its blur is a common problem. joke in the media. And I never understood that, all these advances in finding people manipulating and people still crossing the border unnoticed, while the northern border is crossed illegally even *by accident* and nothing happens.

2. Boring Ron

The problem with Ron is that he’s boring, his own wife thinks so, even his travels seem boring, because he’s in Schenectady doing God knows what, but he’s going to Montreal to pick up Archer and they return to New York, they get attacked by muggers, as apparently Ron is not able to do his usual business without being threatened.

They survive the attack, and end up hitchhiking, and they are picked up by a truck driver, which is when Ron reveals the truth about his life…

3. Cool Ron

He wasn’t always called Ron Cadillac (obviously) and before he sold cars he and his gang used to steal them until they turned their lives of crime into legit dealerships unfortunately his team was arrested, but they never turned him in, so now he travels all the way to Schenectady to give them some back pay as a sign of gratitude, and Archer helps him connect the dots, Fat Mike is the one who sends the goons to steal Ron’s money.

And just like that, Archer found out that Ron wasn’t that bad, he had a cool life and he wasn’t always a “legal” car dealer, he even stole a tank once! And he maintains that he’s good for Malory, he’s trying to give her a good life and Archer shouldn’t want to take that away from him.

I want to take this opportunity to talk about the actor who voiced the car dealer, Ron Leibman was Jessica Walter’s husband, and what started out as a nice real-life reference – the actors and characters married the to each other – ended up becoming a beautiful tribute to their life together. Rob Liebman died in 2019, and just fifteen months after, Jessica Walter also left this world, they were together until death parted them.

We are still far from talking about the twelfth season (at this rate, we have 8 years left), but the last scene of Mallory and the farewell to the show, were accompanied by her lifelong companion Ron, a touching farewell to the two actors.

4. The Sex Trucker Gang

Fast forward to the episode, Ron and Archer are suddenly trapped in what appears to be a do-it-yourself studio for snub porn, and they narrowly manage to escape the gang of truckers in lingerie through a mud pit and a train.

There, Ron confronts Archer, and he eventually admits that Ron is actually good for Mallory, so they now have to get to New York in time for the Opera.

5. A friendship is born

And suddenly they have an idea, if Archer drops Ron off at the opera, it would drive Malory crazy, and they choose to do it only because they’ll both enjoy his annoyance, and just like that, they bonded, and all that was needed was a trip across international borders, getting attacked by goons and sexual predators, but now stepdad and son can have a healthy relationship…. Or something like that.

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Joke of the week:

Ron speaks, as the camera moves to reveal the trucker in lingerie: Come on, he’s a self-employed trucker, a small business owner here who’s kicking his ass to support his family. I’m telling you…guys like him are the cornerstone of America…

And that’s it for this episode, Ron raised his hand and asked for the opportunity of a place in the family. What did you think of this one? Leave your comments below and join us next week for our take on Episode 4×05, “Viscous Coupling.”