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Fleur du Mal presents The Peep Show Ft. DYNASTIE


Luxury lingerie brand Fleur du Mal transforms its New York location into an intimate peep show, currently featuring the iconic DYNASTY. The storefront draws you in with a “sensual setting of a space decorated with plush carpets and red mood lighting” that exudes sensuality.

Along with space, Vietnamese-American drag artist and model DYNASTY presents “Grey Area,” a series of solo photos exploring “themes of flirting, sex, erotica, and genitals,” reads in the description of the teaser. Featuring Fleur du Mal lingerie, the photo series encourages the viewer to “take a closer look at this caricature of an idealized figure”, from the bulge of her underwear to the “obvious seam of her cuirass”.

The works are inspired by iconic artists Helmut Newton and Nobuyoshi Araki, “two internationally acclaimed artists are concerned with different ways of depicting the naked female body,” shared Mutual Art.

However, DYNASTY’s take on the sensual human form isn’t gendered – it’s non-binary. According to the multi-faceted creation, attraction and desire are built on “rocky foundations,” and the peep show is all about asking whether self-expression is really for self or to attract the people we want.

Watch a preview below and visit the current exhibit The Peep Show at 175 Mott Street, NY.