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Friendcation – Episode 2 Recap and Review


In the Soop: Friendcation (JTCB, Disney+, Viu) is back with its second day of vacation. Now that all the buddies have arrived, we’re seeing a changing dynamic – or is it because they’ve all slept well?

Winter 2022, 4 days and 3 nights in Goseong, Gangwon-do, Korea.

Unwitting cast (and their alleged group roles):

  • Park Seo Joun (Captain Marvel 2: The Marvels, Itaewon Class) – the father and emotional anchor
  • Park Hyung Sik (A strong woman soon makes a bang, CombinationsJuror 8) – the nice mom, a little sweeter than dad
  • Choi Woo-shik (ParasiteOur beloved summer, time to hunt) – the trusted eldest son, leader of the children
  • Kwon Sung-hwan (rapper/singer/producer peakboy famous for Gin and tonic and last summer Gyopo hairstyle) – the youngest wild girl, always pumped up
  • Kim Taehyung (V of BTSand also appeared in Hwarang, BTS in the soop) – the cute and mischievous younger brother

See our previous stories 1 and 2 for more information on this group of friends.

The episode begins with a recap followed by the final installments of Day 1. When Choi Woo-shik arrives, they rush to catch up, with Taehyung dragging him to change into their uniform, including matching socks.

They write her nickname on her top and then start eating. If we weren’t sure last week, it’s now confirmed. It’s definitely a culinary show.

On Day 2, we learn that Park Hyung-sik arrived at some point with enough guidance to put him in his special pajamas. He and Woo-shik test the steamed buns and then wake up the cats.

After a few greetings, they decide to rest some more, four of them piled into Seo-joon’s bed. But then, really go back to sleep for another hour.

Papa Seo-joon eventually gets up and starts breakfast. The tteokguk (rice cake soup) – a New Year’s tradition – actually looks quite appetizing. Sung-hwan gathers everyone together with emergency warnings.

But it seems to be his method of getting started. Do you hear a wolf cry? No one cares because breakfast is on display and they all feast. Afterwards, Sung-hwan rewards them with coffee to pour.

A random conversation breaks out as they realize that no one in the group has “double” eyelids, a desirable Asian beauty feature. That’s when the much-loved conversation about Taehyung’s visuals begins, as they’re sure he must have the attribute. But after playing with his face, they agree. It is a ‘mono-lid’ group.

They get ready for today’s activity – deep sea fishing. Mom Hyung-sik applies seasickness patches behind their ears. Along the way, they laugh, they sing, they talk about their friendship rings – a ring that each of the five wears.

On the way to the glory of the fisherman.

Finally, on the boat with crew, they head out into the wild hilly waters. It looks pretty rough, throwing them into the cabin, but they eventually come out onto the deck, each happily grabbing a string of halibut. Hyung-sik’s exclamations keep everyone energized as the guards pile onto the deck.

Back at their triangle, they lug more groceries and sample the new purple steamed buns as well as their fresh catches. The halibut is prepared to be eaten “raw with bones” and they marvel at the sweetness.

Woo-shik continues to make terrible daddy jokes where even Hyung-sik can’t help it. But eventually, Taehyung gives in and laughs for him. So guess what? Yes, it’s nap time. After all, they had to earn their lunch.

It’s dark when they show up but it’s the perfect time for an indoor swim in their private pool. Much to everyone’s amusement, Sung-hwan is wearing something resembling a wetsuit, clearly expecting a more dramatic experience.

Competing to hold their breath underwater, there’s a lot of laughs. Before they are released, there is already a plan for the next stream.

Seo-joon heads to his designated spot while the others work on a fire. Woo-shik then prepares a beer can chicken. It’s a little confusing because they proceed to personify the chicken. But other than that, it looks like it has potential. Taehyung maintains his reputation as a noodle master and soon they are ready for another mouth-watering dinner.

Heart to heart around the fire on a winter evening.

They relax around the fire and talk about the fact that they may never have the opportunity to travel like this again, noting that it has been over three years since their last trip together. This leads to the discussion of how they become a group of five.

According to the story, Seo-joon already knew Sung-hwan and Woo-shik. He, Hyung-sik, and Taehyung became friends during Hwarang (2016), with Seo-joon claiming it was because they were so friendly. But how did the two groups of friends meet?

Online gambling is the answer. Team play made them want to meet, which they finally did in 2018. Sung-hwan is very curious why Taehyung and Hyung-sik would want to meet them – he forced you, didn’t he? it not? Second, Woo-shik notes that he’s generally shy around people he doesn’t know.

Taehyung explains that after Seo-joon described Woo-shik and Sung-hwan as his close friends, they were eager to meet IRL, having already connected through the game. They all tease Hyung-sik for his ” play to win” online, so different from her everyday personality. But it is he who assures that they would have found friends even without the game – a daunting fate.

They start talking about Woo-shik’s drama, commenting on his cuteness. He points out that it’s not like that. He wasn’t aiming for the cute. Let the eye rolling begin.

He says he’s done being cute, now that he likes “cool” roles like the ones given to Seo-joon. Noting that he would like to get fat, he then jokes that he will be able to steal some of Seo-joon’s ad offers.

Taehyung suggests that Hyung-sik was able to get “cool” roles after finishing his military service. No, the other disagrees – he’s always been cool. They talk about being intimidated by his looks when they meet. Taehyung uses it to fish for compliments and they all laugh at their youngest.

Afterwards, they dig into Taehyung as part of the BTS experience, noting their surprise at seeing him perform. Sung-hwan pretty much confesses a heartbeat upon seeing him on stage. They tell Taehyung that they can’t praise him too much or things might get awkward, but he doesn’t seem worried at all.

They continue to discuss live performances and the energy created by a live audience. Seo-joon and Woo-shik seem genuinely envious of the experience. They marvel again at the group as a whole and their various careers.

After their one-on-one, Sung-hwan reignites the energy again by creating a multicolored aurora fire. They happily shout and take pictures, which of course leads to sparklers.

Someone’s spark manages to set Woo-shik’s coat on fire but he is quickly smothered. These millionaires then discuss putting tape over the hole rather than removing the 5-year-old mantle. Surely it’s great as a souvenir with a hole?

They wrap up the chapter with a plan to watch Woo-shik’s current drama later that evening. He doesn’t seem enthusiastic.

The episode review

It doesn’t take long to understand the friendliness and sincerity of this group. And to understand how they were assigned to their “family” roles. Hyung-sik is ridiculously nice with an easy laugh that makes everyone laugh. I wouldn’t have chosen him to be the “energy” of the band, but it seems to be today, even though he was just coming off a set.

Woo-shik fails at dad jokes with an engaging goofiness where the others can’t hold back their smiles. Seo-joon leads but says very little and Taehyung enjoys the older guys’ attention. Sung-hwan is the source of a lot of the teasing, but he’s also the one who digs the emotional bits.

I shake my head after several sets of naps, but hey, that’s the point of the holidays. You do what you want, no matter who is watching. On day 2, beyond the rest, we are entitled to a little of their dynamics or at least the dynamics of the day. And at the end, even some honest assertions about how and why they became such a tight bunch, including what they like about each other.

Meanwhile, Park Seo-joon has unwittingly sealed himself off as “husband” material, cooking fabulous meals. And at the rate of consumption, it seems that they are not only well filled but also tasty.

Did you imagine there would be a little more alcohol? Maybe it’s happening off-screen? Or maybe they don’t, focusing instead on the moment. Or maybe it’s still to come in the next episode…

Best times today? While the fishing was fun and the food was great, it’s the campfire where the guys talk about themselves and each other, sharing lots of insight and lots of laughs. Friendship at its best. Road trip anyone?

Do you think you know these guys a little better? What information surprised you the most? I can’t wait to hear about it in the comments below.

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