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Have field players on a team ever had to wear goalie gear? | Soccer


“Have outfielders on a team ever had to wear goalie kits? “ Rudy asks.

Yes, Rudy, and the last few years too. “In 2009-10, Hibernian had a white stripe on the outside that couldn’t be used at Celtic Park and so they played in the club’s goalie black tops,” writes Denis Hurley. “And in a less dramatic example, this season Everton have used orange socks from their goalie kit with their black shirts and shorts against Huddersfield in the League Cup.”

Colin Nish of Hibernian, wearing the 2009-10 season goalkeeper jersey, challenges Celtic’s Josh Thompson. Photograph: Lynne Cameron / AP

This rare quirk has also been observed in Germany. Here’s Paul Vickers: “It happened in August 2019 when Stuttgart drew 2-2 with Heidenheim,” he recalls. “It looks like Stuttgart have yet to launch their third kit, and their home and away jerseys would have come up against Heidenheim’s red and white stripes. So they opted for the black home goalkeeper kit. with a mint strip. “

And if we turn the question around, Bernd Leno was forced to wear an Arsenal away shirt in November last year to avoid a lime green shirt clash with then Wolves goalkeeper Rui Patrício. Premier League rules state that goalkeepers must wear different colors, in case they venture into the opponent’s box in a desperate and belated attempt to score.

Perhaps inspired by this event, Arsenal have released their yellow jersey away this season as a top which is an option for goalkeepers and outfielders. Leno wore it against Chelsea in August and outfielders wore it numerous times (obviously not at the same time).

Bernd Leno wears the Arsenal away / goalkeeper shirt this season against Chelsea.
Bernd Leno wears the Arsenal away / goalkeeper shirt this season against Chelsea. Photography: Javier García / Shutterstock

Pillars of a club even older

Last week we found out that Fred Blankemeijer served Feyenoord for 70 years – a period we assumed couldn’t be matched or improved upon. We were wrong …

Tweets by Mason Mondry: “I’m surprised you left out Ken Friar at Arsenal. He joined the box office at the age of 12 in 1950 and retired 70 years later as a board member in 2020. ”Chris Hodge estimates that he is in fact 74 years old, “If you count the previous four years, when he was employed as a part-time messenger on match days after being caught retrieving a football from under manager George Allison’s car.”

Ross Flock, meanwhile, points us to record-breaking Bolton goalscorer Nat Lofthouse, who “joined Bolton in 1939 and served the club until his death in 2011”. Our own excavations reveal a career as an apprentice, first team player, assistant manager, head coach, manager, head scout, administrative director, executive director and president at Wanderers. There isn’t much that Lofthouse hasn’t done in a one-club career spanning an incredible 72 years.

Nat Lofthouse has been prolific for England, scoring 30 goals in 33 appearances.
Nat Lofthouse has been prolific for England, scoring 30 goals in 33 appearances. Photograph: AP

Legia Warsaw legend Lucjan Brychczy is not far behind Lofthouse and Friar, and is still serving the Polish club at the age of 87, having signed for them at the age of 20. “He joined Legia as a player in 1954 and has been a ubiquitous figure ever since, serving as a player (until 1972), coach, assistant director and manager,” reports Michal Kramar. “In 1957, Barcelona chose Legia to play a flagship match for the opening of Camp Nou; for various political reasons, Legia traveled to Barcelona and played as a “Warsaw team” and Brychczy scored the opener in a game that ended 4-2 against Barca. He might have left for Milan or Real Madrid, but the Communist regime meant the chances of a transfer were non-existent.

Who are the double-digit loss champions?

“The hapless Vale of Leithen in the Scottish Lowland League have lost their last two games 13-0 and 11-0 to Bonnyrigg Rose and Berwick Rangers, respectively”, writes Billy. “Have senior teams lost three or more games with double-digit scores? “

Eran Rabl has had a double-digit losing streak so bad we might just have to step back and cheer. “Maccabi Pardes Katz, who plays in Israel’s Liga Gimel (fifth tier), lost 12 straight games between February 14, 2020 and April 2, 2021. The race started halfway through the 2019-20 season with an 11-1 loss by Beitar Ezra and was followed by scores of 13-0 (to Bnei Yehud), 10-2 (Tzafririm Holon), 17-0 (FC Ru’ah) and 26-0 (Hapoel Ramat Israel ) before the season was cut short due to Covid-19. Then the team started the 2020-21 season with seven more losses: 11-0 (Inter Aliyah), 20-0 (Hapoel Neveh Golan), 10 -0 (Beitar Jaffa), 20-2 (Elitzur Yehud), 12-1 (Maccabi HaShikma Hen), 11-0 (HaMakhtesh Givatayim) and 12-0 (Inter Aliyah again). The streak was broken when the team lost their next game just 5-2.

The table makes the visualization interesting.
The table makes the visualization interesting. Photograph: Wikipedia

Knowledge Archives

“I recently looked at the Bundesliga table and noticed that three of the teams have a ‘1’ at the start of their name: 1.FC Kaiserslautern, 1.FC Köln and 1.FC Nürnberg.” Frankie Lowe thought in November 2010. “I can understand the numbers in titles like 1860 Munich and 1899 Hoffenheim, which clearly denote the year the club was formed, but unless the teams mentioned above are older than I thought, I’m completely puzzled. Can you help ? “

“This is all perfectly explained in the first chapter of the Tor book! Ulrich Hesse-Lichtenberger’s German football story, ”wrote Matias Pasch. “He explains all kinds of Bundesliga naming conventions that confuse foreign fans (if the oldest football club in the world is Notts County, vintage 1862, how can there be a German football club named TSV München von 1860?). Regarding 1. he mentions 1. FC Nürnberg: “Nürnberg’s first football club. Indeed, when using the full name of such a club, we say “Erste FC Kaiserslautern”, or “First FC Kaiserslautern”. All of the clubs mentioned are nominally the top football clubs in their respective cities, so they are marked with a “1”. on their behalf.

Knowledge Archives

Can you help?

We were directed to that question asked by Adam Hurrey. Maybe the kind Knowledge readers can help:

“In the 1929-30 season, Brentford won all 21 home games,” writes David Daniels. “Has another club achieved this feat, whether nationally or abroad?” “

“James Rodríguez has now played for eight clubs, each in a different country. Can another player match this globetrotting feat by limiting himself to one club per nation played? asks Jonathan Lucas.

“In a recent local GAA game in Ireland, 14 members of a team day of a team had the same last name (O’Sullivan). Who is the most players to appear on a soccer field with the same last name? Asks James Sheedy.