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Hawks take accounts and notes for weird and savage Buccaneers loss


How do you solve a problem like the Falcons? If you’re the Falcons themselves, you bite the bullet and keep going, at least until your schedule begins.

We now have two weeks to show us how they employ their staff, at least at a high level, and there have been no major reshuffles after a 0-2 start. This team might just move on to another punter and Josh Andrews might end up in the lineup at the left guard post upon his return, but if not, the Falcons are giving every indication they’re going to sink or swim with who they’ve got there- low. The biggest changes this week have been a brief bench stint for Duron Harmon and John Cominsky’s trade for rookie Ta’Quon Graham, although injuries forced some adjustments at the wide receiver and cornerback. . Atlanta is clearly hoping that with time and effort, they reduce the slackness, see real improvement in struggling players like Duron Harmon, Erik Harris, Jalen Mayfield and Kaleb McGary, and steer this thing in the right direction.

I don’t expect a team that has focused on long-term thinking to start making drastic changes to their roster, in other words. I think we’ll continue to see tweaks and playing time adjustments to try and get the most out of this team, and I would love for Atlanta to consider pushing Richie Grant especially into the starting lineup in the near future. to come up.

Here is the total number of snaps.


Jake Matthews: 72

Jalen Mayfield: 72

Matt Hennessy: 72

Chris Lindstrom: 72

Kaleb McGary: 72

Matt Ryan: 66

Calvin Ridley: 60

Kyle Pitts: 57

Mike Davis: 46

Olamides Zacchaeus: 42

Russell Gage: 38

Hayden Hurst: 30

Cordarrelle Patterson: 24

Keith Smith: 18

Lee Smith: 13

Christian Blake: 13

Tajae Sharpe: 13

Parker Hesse: 6

Josh Rosen: 6

With Russell Gage gutted by injury and leaving the game several times, we saw a little more of Tajae Sharpe and Christian Blake, as well as a lot more of Olamide Zaccheaus. If Gage can’t go next week, I would expect OZ to be the primary person fulfilling his role, and the team might be in the best position to ensure that Gage is in perfect health as he is difficult for him to be a major factor when he is not. . The Falcons need someone else to step in, whoever it is, because right now Calvin Ridley is the only receiver doing a lot.

The running back division continues to be important in terms of snaps, but when Patterson is in the game you can be reasonably confident that he will get the ball back. He received 13 hits from 24 snaps yesterday, compared to 16 hits from 46 snaps for Davis, who is used a lot as a blocker when not feeding defenders and catching short passes. It’s a real two-way backfield, anyway, and while Patterson’s role still has room to evolve, he’s probably not going to suddenly start sharing snaps with Davis.

This is the first time in a game situation, preseason or regular season, that we’ve seen the entire starting offensive line play the whole game together, and it was an improvement even if it wasn’t particularly satisfying. I felt like Mayfield was doing better, Hennessy and McGary were mixed bags and Lindstrom was pretty good. It’s just to be disappointed with the lack of time Matt Ryan had in his pocket and the way the line game conspired with play calls to make this attack inconsistent, but progress is also an important thing to recognize. . While Josh Andrews’ return could push Mayfield onto the bench, the path to replacing Hennessy and McGary if they continue to struggle is more difficult to see, given that Drew Dalman and Jason Spriggs don’t appear to be likely improvements on paper. . If Matt Gono can come back this season, there’s a more than decent chance he’ll replace McGary, but for now, the Falcons are going to have to keep taking their pieces and hope things improve.

That doesn’t mean much, but this is the second time we’ve seen Josh Rosen step into a late game for Matt Ryan when things are clearly out of hand, and it looks like it’s something we’ll see. every time the Falcons will blow themselves up the field. Felipe Franks hanging around given he’s obviously the No.3 quarterback would seem to indicate the staff are still high on him, however.


Deion Jones: 63

Foye Oluokun: 63

Fabien Moreau: 62

Erik Harris: 56

Duron Harmon: 54

Steven Means: 47

Dante Fowler: 45

AJ Terrell: 44

Grady Jarrett: 43

Isaiah Oliver: 39

Tyeler Davison: 34

Jon Bullard: 32

Marlon Davidson: 23

Adé Ogundeji: 21

TJ Green: 20

Jaylinn Hawkins: 16

Ta’Quon Graham: 13

Jacob Tuioti-Mariner: 11

Mykal Walker: 5

Brandon Copeland: 2

There have been a few changes this week, some triggered by injury and others just part of the game plan.

The first note is that the front rotation seemed to be changed this week. Steven Means saw his shots reduced a bit, but not significantly, and Jacob Tuioti-Mariner saw his shots more than halved. Jon Bullard received more points and had a solid day, while Ta’Quon Graham stepped in for the shots of John Cominsky and a few others and really showed he can be a contributor. Wow moments will be rare for him and Ade Ogundeji, but the fact that they get legitimate playing time in year one is great for their development and a positive sign overall.

A major change came due to an injury. Terrell left the game and couldn’t return due to a concussion, and the Falcons turned to TJ Green for him. It was an absolutely winless situation for Green, who has drawn Mike Evans on several occasions with the expected results that it would entail, but it’s also clear that the Falcons will likely produce him as a starter if Terrell is absent and they don’t. not any addition. Luge is a little easier against the Giants, but they’ll test Green early and often and he’ll have to build up his career and then some performances to come out of the game relatively unscathed. We will be seeking news of Terrell’s injuries this week and hope for the best.

Finally, Duron Harmon was briefly benched, presumably for a blown blanket on Gronk during the Bucs’ opening practice. Everybody was beaten on this ride, but Harmon seems to have gotten a message the others didn’t, and Jaylinn Hawkins was his replacement. Harmon returned to the game, but the safety play wasn’t a big force for Atlanta on Sunday, and it’s fair to wonder if we’ll see more of Hawkins and Richie Grant as the season progresses.

Special teams

Jaylinn Hawkins: 27

Mykal Walker: 27

Richie Grant: 27

Avery Williams: 21

Jacob Tuioti-Mariner: 20

Dorian Etheridge: 19

Keith Smith: 19

Isaiah Oliver: 15

Adé Ogundeji: 15

Brandon Copeland: 12

Cordarrelle Patterson: 11

Cam Nizialek: 11

Olamides Zacchaeus: 8

Parker Hesse: 8

Erik Harris: 8

Steven Means: 8

Fabien Moreau: 7

Josh Harris: 7

Jon Bullard: 7

Ta’Quon Graham: 7

Marlon Davidson: 7

TJ Green: 6

Hayden Hurst: 3

AJ Terrell: 3

Lee Smith: 3

Christian Blake: 3

Jake Matthews: 3

Chris Lindstrom: 3

Jalen Mayfield: 3

Kaleb McGary: 3

Jason Spriggs: 3

Drew Dalman: 3

Younghoe Koo: 3

Unfortunately for Nizialek, his two punters were a story coming out of this game, even though Arthur Smith made it clear that they should never have needed him on the field in the first place. The team will be working on the bettors, and we’ll see if he gets another hit or not soon enough.

The Buccaneers tried to avoid Patterson in the kick-back scenarios, resulting in a heavier workload for Avery Williams. The numbers at the area aren’t impressive, but Williams had a good recalled comeback due to a block in the back penalty and is clearly a capable kick and punt return. If the teams are to avoid Patterson from going forward, Williams will end up making them pay.

Snaps rocked the way you’d expect them to, with a handful of guys that Marquice Williams really trusts, and that’s unlikely to change. One thing to watch out for is Jaylinn Hawkins and Richie Grant, both of whom have major roles in teams but should really go into defense. That’s especially true for Grant, a second-round pick on a squad with a few conflicting security vets currently starting out. We’ll see if that changes and who takes over for Williams if these two actually get run in defense.

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