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Heidi Klum shows off her black lingerie and fishnets in sexy video: Instagram – SheKnows


Heidi Klum is a master at teasing her audiences when it comes to new projects (or her epic Halloween costumes) and she starts over with a short clip hinting at a project with Snoop Dogg. The model did her best to attract her followers with a very sexy clip showing just a little clue of what was to come.

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She’s on the beach in bodycon, fitted lingerie with black fishnet stockings that hug all curves. We catch a glimpse of Klum hidden behind black sunglasses with silver studs as her hands with long white fingernails work their way up and down her fit physique. This is one of her most sensual Instagram posts to date. And she gave just a little hint of what’s in store for the rapper in the caption, “You know it’s on when it’s @snoopdogg and Heidi. Sleeps 4 more…”

the America has talent the judge once shared a short music video that could signal a song collaboration for an advertisement. Even though they seem like an unusual pair, they’re both pop culture icons, which could make for a hilarious partnership. And we know Klum loves music, she even resurrected her 2006 holiday hit “Wonderland” this year with a new music video.

So never count the 48-year-old TV personality as “just” a role model. She has quite a few hidden talents and it looks like they’re being tapped into a very exciting collaboration with Snoop Dogg – the couple we didn’t even know we needed until 2022.

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