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Heidi Klum struts around in lingerie and thigh high boots: Instagram video – SheKnows


Heidi Klum doesn’t miss a beat after the long Thanksgiving weekend. She showed off her model form with a new Instagram video that has her followers pumped up for another week.

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Dressed in black fishnet stockings, over the knee boots and tight lingerie, Klum strutted towards the camera as the ocean provided a breathtaking backdrop. The music video was shot on the sultry single “Fire For You” by Cannons – and it perfectly matches her stunning looks and sexy gait. She captioned the video, “Coming into Monday like…” We also have to applaud the model for wearing very little which was obviously a very cold day – look how bundled up the crew are for the shoot.

The America has talent judge has spoken of balancing her life as a mother and a model over the years. She has never been interested in conforming to the standards of the fashion industry – it’s always about looking and feeling good. “I always wanted to be a mom,” Klum said Marie Claire in 2008. “At Thanksgiving I have my parents there, I have screaming kids, I have a big turkey – 18 pounds – sitting in the middle; the legs are ripped off from that thing, you know what I mean? There is life in the house. I don’t want to wonder how skinny I am, wonder what I’m going to eat because I don’t want to win and want to look young and sexy, always and forever.

At 48, she proves that walking to the beat of her own drum is what sets her career apart and has enabled her to earn a living in the entertainment industry. So let’s all start our week with a little confidence in Klum and a little model leg.

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