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Here is the $ 12,199 view you will get at the Pats vs Buccs game


Have you ever thought about watching a Patriots game live at Gillette Stadium? Well, if you’re planning to make your maiden trip to a game in person, then the next Patriots vs Buccaneers game is just that one.

It will literally be the Game of the Year as Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers step into the stadium where Tom has spent so many years. 20 to be exact. But, if you want to go gambling, how much will it cost you. The short answer? A lot.

We took a look at the TicketMaster website and evaluated the cheapest to the most expensive seats available. The cheapest available seat (when we looked) was $ 450 while the most expensive was $ 12,199. What do each of these price points bring you for a view? And what do the prices between the cheapest and the most expensive get you? Well, have a booty.

Each seat comes with a virtual view so you can see on screen exactly what you will see in the game. Minus of course the players on the pitch and 65,000 other fans screaming and screaming with you!

Experience the insane sight that $ 12,199 will net you at the Pats v Buccs match!

We checked the tickets that were still available for the October 3 game against the Buccs. These prices reflect what was available at 10 a.m. on Thursday, September 23. Prices, availability and hours of play are subject to change.

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