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Holly Sonders kills in new selfie rocking lacy lingerie


Holly Sonders posted a sultry share for his 579,000 followers on Instagram. The former Fox Sports host put on a heartwarming spectacle as she sat in a chair with her legs spread, leaving followers in awe of her scorching body. Find out below.

She loves lace

The 34-year-old gymnast’s slim figure was left in the spotlight with a skimpy lingerie set. The stockings featured high cuts that exposed her long, skinny legs. The underwear had a thick waistband with words printed in red that said “extra spicy” and a chili symbol. He was a few inches below her navel, accentuating her abs and flat stomach. Notably, there was a pair of thin suspenders that were attached to the panties.

The brunette bombshell showed off her perky assets in a petite bra that featured soft cups of lace fabric. That said, they were transparent, but she made sure to cover the elements necessary to adhere to Instagram’s strict no-nudity policy. It had a black border, and like the bottom, the piece had the same red prints along the hem and the straps that hooked over her shoulders. The plunging neckline showed off a nice view of her cleavage which the viewers liked very much.

Always so sexy

Holly completed the daring outfit with a pair of shiny black over the knee boots with quilted diamond patterns. While the type of shoe usually didn’t match the underwear, Holly made sure everything looked good together.

The glowing boots and lingerie were flattering on her tanned skin, highlighting the model’s honey tan. Holly’s sculpted thighs, calves, and arms drew attention to the all-black backdrop and red chair.

his enticing pose

In the photo, the golfer was seated on the back of a plush chair. She spread her legs as she held onto the frame, her head pointed to the side and her eyes closed. Her lips were slightly parted in a seductive expression, increasing the sexy factor. A swipe to the right showed a black and white version of the photo. Colored or not, the two shots were exceptionally breathtaking.

Holly styled her hair in loose waves that framed her face and spilled over her left shoulder. She ditched her accessories so as not to dominate her barely there outfit and had her nails painted with black varnish.

Holly sported full makeup, including black eyeliner, thick mascara, eye shadow, highlighter, and pink lipstick that made her lips fuller.

She works on her body

In the caption, Holly shared that she was exercising. Since then, things “work out” for her. She also tagged her photographer as credit for the photo.

At the time of publication, the latest lingerie update has proven to be popular. In a few hours, the snap garnered more than 12,000 likes and more than 300 comments. Dozens of her fans flocked to the comments section to rave about the tantalizing images, many noticing how Holly turned the heat up. She also received many compliments from her enthusiastic admirers, most of whom mentioned her warmth. Others have written about his amazingly toned physique.

“You are breathtaking! Thank you for being generous with your photos, ”commented one follower.

“Wow! You are beyond gorgeous!” gushed another fan.