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How to complete Double The Tails, Double The Fun Request in Pokemon Legends: Arceus


Residents of the Hisui area Pokemon Legends: Arceus will send you on all kinds of missions. From intense battles to scavenging items, you’ll have the chance to complete requests and earn rewards. One request you will come across is Double the Tails, Double the Fun.

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For this quest, you will need locate a specific two-finned Pokémon for Netta. In this guide, we are going to see how to start this request, as well as which Pokémon it requests. Let’s first see how to unblock this request.

Unlock request 50

request screen showing request 50 completed

Double the tail, double the fun is Request #50 and go unlock once you see a Finneon for the first time. Once you do, Netta will give you the request, asking you to bring her a Pokémon with two tail fins, which happens to be Finneon.


Netta is located in the lower part of the village, on the other side of the river. She wears Security Corps attire and will be standing near pasture.

If you’ve captured a Finneon before, just show it to him and fulfill the request. If you haven’t caught a Finneon yet, don’t worry; Next, we are going to see where you can find this fish Pokémon.

Where to find Finneon

pokedex location page for finneon

There are only one place in the Hisui area where you can catch Finneon. It’s inside the Seagrass Haven area of ​​the Cobalt Coastlands.

To get here you will need to swim with Basculegion to the northern part of the Cobalt Coastlands. The Seagrass Haven will have several islands around which Finneon can spawn.

finneon location circled on a map of the cobalt coasts

We recommend jump with Basculegion to slow down time, allowing you to quickly run through a Pokeball in Finneon. Finneon will attempt to run while grabbing it, so act fast and try to use lighter balls to catch one.

Back to Netta

player talking with Netta after showing her finneon
via WoW/YouTube quests

With your Finneon in hand, return to Netta in Jubilife Village. By presenting him with a Finneon, you will be rewarded with a Star Piece. This can be sold to a vendor for a large sum of money.

Now that you’re done with Request 50, keep exploring and fulfilling requests from others in the Hisui region!

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