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Hulu’s Victoria’s Secret Documentary Reveals the Lingerie Brand’s Dark Side


It’s no secret that Victoria’s Secret has sparked a lot of controversy in recent years, from a former marketing executive’s comments about transgender models to the low fashion show ratings that led to the institution’s demise. annually, by Variety. But as a new Hulu docuseries will soon prove, those headlines are only a fraction of the brand’s long and unsettling history.

Described as a “provocative expose” by the Tribeca Film Festival (where it had its premiere earlier this summer), Victoria’s Secret: Angels and Demons will delve into the company’s history, leadership and ties to one of the world’s most notorious criminals: Jeffrey Epstein. According The New York Times, Epstein served as an adviser to Les Wexner, the company’s former CEO, and “drove a wedge between Mr. Wexner and his longtime associates and friends.” Not only was Epstein given the power to manage his client’s personal and business finances, he was allegedly involved in the hiring and used his connections to Victoria’s Secret (and his boss) to “[gain] unique access to young women”, by the Time.

Ready to know more? Here’s everything you need to know about Hulu’s Victoria’s Secret documentary, Victoria’s Secret: Angels and Demons, including when you can stream it at home.

Here’s what the documentary covers.

According to the official Angels and Demons synopsis from Hulu, the documentary will follow “the searing and provocative story of the Victoria’s Secret brand and its longtime CEO, the enigmatic larger-than-life billionaire Les Wexner.In other words, don’t expect a simple look at the retailer and their wares; According to the streamer, the Victoria’s Secret documentary will also explore how “the fashion underworld, the billionaire class and Jeffrey Epstein” factor into brand controversies.

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The docuseries arrives this month.

Although the Victoria’s Secret: Angels and Demons documentary debuted in Tribeca in June, you’ll get to watch it from home in the very near future. The three-part docuseries will premiere Thursday, July 14 on Hulu.

Who created Victoria’s Secret: Angels and Demons?

The upcoming project is directed by filmmaker Matt Tyrnauer, who discussed the project with New York magazine in June. “Close eyes is a key phrase in this series,” he said of the documentary, which the magazine says will feature interviews with Victoria’s Secret executives and explore Epstein’s influence on the company. According New York magazine, you’ll learn how Epstein “would pose as a Victoria’s Secret recruiter to women nationwide,” and even see never-before-seen footage of him at the brand’s first fashion show in 1995.

Want a first look?

Hulu has not released the trailer for Angels and Demons for now, but first-look photos tease the doc’s historical scope, ranging from modern models to Wexner’s early days in business. Stay tuned for more!

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