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Inside Honey G’s makeover, from sugar busting to buying sexy lingerie


X Factor star Honey G has undergone a total transformation since she rose to fame. She lost two stones and sports a new glamorous look. Now she’s opened up about her new diet and exercise program, as well as her newfound passion for shopping for sexy clothes.

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Honey G looks totally different as she drops two stones and undergoes a drastic makeover – and she’s now revealed the secrets to her weight loss success.

The rapper rose to fame on The X Factor in 2016 and has since admitted that she struggled with her self-confidence at the time, wearing size 18 “loose and loose” clothes to hide her body.

Since drastically changing her diet and adopting a new exercise regimen, Honey G has lost two stones and prefers to show off her figure in tight-fitting clothes.

The rapper has also found love since losing weight and now feels even more confident than ever.

“I turned 40 this year and feel like I’m in amazing shape. I’ve been blown away by the compliments from people telling me how good I look. But j ‘threw away most of it as my taste matured, ”she told Closer magazine.

Honey G sports a completely different look now and loves to wear sexier clothes

Honey G looked remarkably different in 2016



“Now I wear outfits I never dreamed of wearing and I can slip into beautiful Victoria’s Secret underwear.

“It gave me enormous self-confidence and I feel like I finally have the sex factor!”

Honey – whose real name is Anna Gilford – has now found love and says her partner makes her feel like “the sexiest woman in the world”.

She said: “Ever since I met my partner I’m in seventh heaven. She gives me incredible confidence and is very loving.

Honey G focused on exercise and diet and lost weight

“She makes me feel like the sexiest woman in the world and tells me how gorgeous I am. She supports my fitness goals, as well as my music career. We would love to settle down and have kids eventually. “

When it comes to losing weight, the rapper has limited carbs and cut out sugar.

“I watch what I eat and make sure I don’t constantly eat carbs. I do a lot of cardio and will eat pasta, but it all depends on the portion sizes.

“I would never have a big plate of fried fries, I would rather stick to a few tablespoons of rice and have smaller potatoes,” she explained.

The X Factor competitor also turned to exercise in an effort to lose weight.

The rapper was a fan of oversized clothing in 2016


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She recently told Daily Star Online, “Lockdown has proven to me that getting a lot of exercise can make you lose weight.

“I’ve been to an obesity specialist and a dietitian in the past and was trying to lose weight by changing my diet, but during the lockdown I combined changing my diet and getting a lot of exercise.

“I probably exercised more during confinement than in my entire life.”