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Inside the abandoned “time capsule” house where clothes are still hanging and beds are still made


An urban explorer has shared eerie photographs of an abandoned Welsh cottage that are a melancholy reminder of what life was like years ago.

The dilapidated property has been nicknamed ‘Grace’s House’ and sits at the end of a little used track in Llanddyfnan in Anglesey, but has clearly been empty for some time.

The interior is a time capsule of mid-20th-century clothing, scaly blue and green wallpaper, and a fascinating array of knick-knacks and quirks.

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Kyle, the urban explorer who took the photos, told North Wales Live he believed the last residents were farming families.

A dress still hangs in the property

“The house is a typical two-story house and since there are outbuildings, barns and fields around the house, I assume the last resident was a farming family who operated the farm and resided in the house, ”he said. .

“Inside, the main feature is the magnificent stained glass on the door in a pretty pattern.”

Kyle said there were photographs spread out on the table inside, as well as beds still made, dresses hanging from the closet, and children’s toys strewn about.

“I discovered family photos that had just broken down and an old-fashioned phone still on the cradle where the family allegedly used it,” he said.

“Going into the kitchen area and finding the old-fashioned stove was pretty neat, but nothing next to the bedroom where the beds were still made, with family photos still lined up on the fireplace.”

More images and videos of explorations across North Wales and England are available on @Kyle_Urbex’s Instagram page

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