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It is “unlike anything that exists”


Katharine McPhee x MINDD

MINDD / Riker Brothers bra Katharine McPhee

Does the perfect bra exist? If so, Katharine McPhee may have found it.

McPhee, 37, is teaming up with MINDD, a lingerie company catering to bra size D + women, and releasing their very first capsule collection titled Katharine McPhee Foster X MINDD in October. McPhee tells PEOPLE that what she loves most about the product is its comfort and style combined in one.

“It’s comfortable, it’s beautiful, and it’s designed for women who are D + and above without compromising on looks, without compromising on beauty and comfort,” McPhee said.

When McPhee first received a package of MINDD products, she immediately wanted to collaborate with the brand.

“I think [it was during] the last three months of my pregnancy. It was sent to me, and it came in this really awesome packaging, ”she shares. “Everything looked recyclable, looked eco-conscious, and the bra itself is gorgeous. I put it on and absolutely loved it. “

Katharine McPhee x MINDD

Katharine McPhee x MINDD

MINDD / Riker Brothers bra Katharine McPhee

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The limited-edition capsule collection will feature bras, underwear and jumpsuits offered in three different colors, each hand-selected by McPhee.

McPhee has also been keen to say that bras are “like nothing out there,” and she is blown away by their ability to adapt to her ever-changing body.

“During my adult years, my body fluctuated so many times, whether it was the time of the month or whether it was my denim size,” McPhee says. “And, as a woman, I think all women can relate to that, your breasts change. And it’s a long time, but it’s a bra that you literally never have to change.”

McPhee welcomed her 7-month-old son Rennie earlier this year, along with husband David Foster – and during her pregnancy, she says, she found nursing bras “scary”.

“They looked so hideous, I can’t even tell you. They were giant creepy bras. You know, like those bras you see on the floor? The breast is so big on the floor. sol. And you’re like, what woman has such big breasts? It’s scary, “says McPhee.

However, thanks to MINDD, she was able to find a bra that served as a nursing bra, while still looking and feeling like a regular bra.

“Like when you get pregnant, you’re excited to buy a nursing bra. Because you’re like, ‘Oh, that’s all you can buy and experience.’ And then when this bra was presented to me, [it] I felt like it had nothing to do with breastfeeding or pregnancy, ”McPhee said, adding that it made her feel comfortable in her new mum skin.

Katharine McPhee x MINDD

Katharine McPhee x MINDD

MINDD / Riker Brothers bra Katharine McPhee

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Helena Kaylin, the founder of MINDD, found McPhee to be the perfect person to represent her brand.

“I have always deeply admired the reality, the authenticity and the ability of Kat to connect with so many women on such an accessible level,” Kaylin said in a press release on the partnership. “She truly embodies the passion and spirit of our brand, and I couldn’t imagine a more perfect partner to help tell the story of MINDD.”

Katharine McPhee Foster X MINDD will be available in mid-October.

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