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Jackie Nitschke Center adds new men’s salvage house


GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – The Jackie Nitschke Center expands its services by renovating a house in Green Bay and transforming it into a convalescent home for men.

The home is one of three residential treatment and sober living facilities owned and operated by the Jackie Nitschke Center.

Risk factors brought on by the pandemic such as isolation and depression have led to a rising trend in drug addiction nationwide, according to officials at the Jackie Nitschke Center.

This is one of the reasons they say the Men’s Recovery Home Project is important.

For Peter James Silski, he says he was addicted to drugs and alcohol for 25 years. He says his addictions started when he was just a teenager. He explains that he has been addicted to heroin, crystal meth and alcohol all his life.

“I had no one,” says Silski. “I had no family, I had no one and being placed in the convalescent home, I was able to bond with my convalescent brothers.”

After checking in at the Jackie Nitschke Center in 2019, Silski says he’s now been sober for two years.

“Your self-esteem is at its lowest,” Silski says of the fight against addiction. “Being placed in a house with a safe and pleasant environment is vital.”

Up to twelve men who were in the same situation as Silski two years ago are expected to stay at the Nitschke Center men’s recovery house from September.

Residents of salvage homes can stay there for up to 18 months. They must have a job, be in school or undergo treatment during their stay.

The new home is located at 700 Cherry Street in Green Bay.

President and CEO Larry Connors is one of the people who made it all possible.

“It’s not just about renovating a home, it’s really about restoring people’s lives,” says Connors.

Connors says the house eliminates risk factors that make people fall back into addiction.

“For some people, going back to the communities they came from can be a trigger,” says Connors. “So by providing a place where people can live together with peer support and programmatic support, their chances of success are dramatically improved. “

Silski says he hopes the new salvage house can help residents put the addiction behind them, as he was able to.

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