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Jeffrey Epstein victim cries while recounting orgies with other girls at Ghislaine Maxwell trial


A Florida victim of Jeffrey Epstein who has been sexually assaulted up to three times a week for years testified on Tuesday that his alleged collaborator, Ghislaine Maxwell, called him regularly to schedule “massages” and had even invited the girl over. the private island of the financier.

“Carolyn”, who is the minor victim-4 in the criminal case against Maxwell, says that Epstein assaulted her more than 100 times between 2001 and 2004, and that several other people in the orbit of the late sex offender knew what was going on at his Palm Beach mansion. .

She was only 14 when the abuse began. On each visit, she received a few hundred dollars after giving Epstein a massage that ended in masturbation by touching her. “I was young and $ 300 was a lot of money for me,” said Carolyn, who is testifying under her first name at Maxwell’s sex trafficking trial, now in her second week.

According to Carolyn, Epstein and Maxwell knew she was underage because, after a year of abuse, they forced her to travel with them to Epstein’s compound in the U.S. Virgin Islands. “I told her I was only 15 and couldn’t leave,” Carolyn testified.

Carolyn testified that the couple were aware of their painful history of sexual assault and child rape – she says her grandfather raped her from the age of 4 – and that her mother was addicted to drugs and alcohol. “I told Ghislaine Maxwell that my mother was an alcoholic and that I had been assaulted,” Carolyn said. “Random personal things”.

She also spoke to Epstein about her upbringing, informing him “that was kinda screwed up” and that her mother was struggling with alcoholism and drug addiction.

Carolyn said she was addicted to cocaine and pain relievers and used Epstein’s money to buy more drugs. She dropped out in seventh grade and never returned to school.

On one occasion, Maxwell is said to have walked into Epstein’s massage room while Carolyn was naked and busy setting him up. Carolyn said Maxwell felt her hips, buttocks and breasts and told her she “had a great body for Mr. Epstein.” Carolyn testified that Maxwell groped her breasts before leaving the room.

Ghislaine Maxwell and Sarah Kellen in a photo provided by prosecutors.

Government of the United States

On the witness stand, Carolyn said that Epstein’s alleged co-conspirator Sarah Kellen called her to make dates for a sexualized ‘massage’ and arranged the girl’s trip since she did not have a driver’s license. At one point, Carolyn testified, Kellen took nude photos of herself under Epstein’s direction with no one else around. She said Kellen called her and told her that she “would be paid between $ 500 and $ 600 if she could take pictures of me.”

For the first year or so, Maxwell would have called Carolyn; Kellen took over the planning duties after that, Carolyn told the jury. The women also had phone numbers for Carolyn’s mother and boyfriend, Shawn, just in case they couldn’t reach the girl.

Carolyn said she was introduced to Epstein and Maxwell by another victim, Virginia Roberts Giuffre, who invited her to the fund manager’s lair on El Brillo Way. It was spring turning to summer in 2001 when Virginia first drove Carolyn home.

Once there, Giuffre announced that they would get money to massage Epstein, whom she described as a “friend” of hers. (Carolyn testified that she met Giuffre through Shawn, who was 17, and a friend of Giuffre’s boyfriend, Tony.)

Carolyn stated that she and Giuffre entered through the kitchen and that “an older lady” with an “accent” and “black hair down to the shoulders” greeted them; she identified this woman as Maxwell and said she couldn’t pronounce the socialite’s first name, so she usually called the adult woman by her last name.

“You can take him upstairs and show him what to do,” Maxwell reportedly told Giuffre.

Giuffre took off her clothes when they got to the massage room, Carolyn recalls, adding that she didn’t feel comfortable getting naked so she kept her bra and underwear on. She testified that Epstein walked in, brushed his teeth, then lay face down on the massage table. The teens massaged Epstein’s legs and after about 45 minutes he turned and Giuffre climbed on top of him and they started having sex, Carolyn told jurors.

“I was sitting on the couch right in front of them,” Carolyn said, choking on the stand.

As the teens left Epstein’s home, Maxwell allegedly collected Carolyn’s phone number and thus began the college boy’s years of sexual exploitation. Maxwell, she said, would call her from New York and let her know when she and Epstein were going to Palm Beach.

When Assistant U.S. Attorney Maureen Comey asked Carolyn why she continued to visit Epstein’s home, she replied that she had used the money to buy marijuana, cocaine and alcohol. Sometimes her own mother would drop her off at Epstein’s, she added.

Maxwell reportedly asked Carolyn what she wanted to do for a living, and she replied that she wanted to be a massage therapist. The heiress also asked if Carolyn had ever used sex toys. Carolyn said no.

Carolyn said she was ultimately fully naked during the massage sessions and Maxwell saw her naked body, as did two of Epstein’s friends.

During a massage session, she said, Epstein pressed a button on her phone and a slender blonde girl walked in, fully naked. Carolyn said she had a “really strong accent” and that Epstein slept with her while the girl was doing oral sex on Carolyn.

Another time, Epstein brought in a brunette girl who was a model.

She testified that Maxwell gave her $ 300 a few times after these encounters and, during a visit, asked her for her address. Soon after, Epstein sent Carolyn a “Dummies” massage book and concert tickets to rock band Incubus.

The couple are also said to have delivered Carolyn Victoria’s Secret lingerie via FedEx.

Epstein asked Carolyn to bring in some younger friends, and she ended up recruiting three girls who were around her age. She said she was paid $ 600 for it.

“He asked me if I had any friends my age or younger,” Carolyn testified. “I told her I don’t date kids, but I have friends I can ask.

Comey asked Carolyn if one of the massages wasn’t sexual.

“Something sexual happened every time,” Carolyn replied.

When asked if she had taken a break from visiting Epstein, Carolyn began to cry when she said she ran away from home with Shawn when she was 16. The teens stole her mother’s car, she said, and drove to Georgia. Carolyn got pregnant soon after.

Carolyn had her baby in March 2004 and has returned to Epstein’s house a few times, desperate for money to help pay for her child’s expenses. “He asked me if I had any younger friends and I said no. That’s when I realized I was too old, ”Carolyn said.

Comey asked why she had stopped going to Epstein’s Florida estate.

“I got too old,” replied Carolyn.

“How old were you?” Comey said.

“18,” she replied.

The prosecution also asked about Carolyn’s issues with justice, including her arrest in 2011 for possession of cocaine and also for possession of stolen property.

Carolyn explained how she was taking methadone to deal with addiction to opioids and other prescription drugs, including one for schizophrenia, as she is paranoid and her children will be kidnapped by sex traffickers.

In 2008, Carolyn sued Epstein in state court “because of all the emotional damage he caused me.” She said her trial named Kellen as the accused as well.

“She was an adult,” Carolyn said. “She knew what was going on.”

During tense cross-examination, Maxwell’s attorney, Jeffrey Pagliuca, asked Carolyn why she didn’t mention Maxwell when she spoke to Epstein’s FBI in 2007. He said Carolyn had talked to the federal government about Giuffre, Kellen, Shawn and an anonymous leader.

“She wasn’t a talking point,” Carolyn said, later adding, “I wasn’t asked about her.”

Pagliuca also pointed out that Carolyn filed two lawsuits in 2008 and 2009 against Epstein and Kellen, but those complaints did not name Maxwell as an accomplice.

When Carolyn received mental health counseling around 2003, Pagliuca added that she also didn’t mention Maxwell.

The defense attorney – who pronounced Carolyn’s last name in court despite the judge’s order to keep the victims’ identities anonymous – also worked to highlight inconsistent claims about her drug use. (Last week Pagliuca said Jane Doe’s real name, or Minor Victim-1, out loud and apologized, calling it an accident.)

The attorney said Carolyn previously indicated in a 2009 deposition that she used cocaine while visiting Epstein’s residence. He claimed that this earlier statement contradicted his testimony at Tuesday’s trial.

Pagliuca asked Carolyn why her claim to Epstein’s victim compensation program indicated that Epstein penetrated her with his fingers and using sex toys, when Carolyn testified in court that such acts did not occur not.

When Pagliuca asked Carolyn about her $ 3.5 million settlement allowance, of which she received about $ 2.8 million, she interrupted him by saying, “No money will ever fix what happened to me. . “

Pagliuca then suggested to Carolyn that she could be held criminally responsible and lose her settlement award if the information she submitted to the Victims Fund was false.

Before Pagliuca finished his cross-examination, he asked a bizarre question that raised eyebrows in a crowded courtroom: Has Carolyn ever told the government she saw a picture of Maxwell pregnant? ?

Carolyn looked at an image presented by Pagliuca and replied, “It’s not the photo.”

Comey went on to ask Carolyn if she had written her own lawsuits and her own victim assistance fund request. She replied no.

The prosecutor then asked how old Carolyn was when she first saw Epstein and Maxwell. She replied that she was 13 years old.

“Did someone tell you what to say here?” Comey asked.

Carolyn replied no before bursting into tears and adding of Maxwell, “What she did was wrong.”

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