Home Lingerie Jeremy Clarkson’s daughter Emily impresses as she dons sheer lace lingerie

Jeremy Clarkson’s daughter Emily impresses as she dons sheer lace lingerie


Emily Clarkson looked absolutely stunning as she showed off her curvaceous figure to her fans in her latest Instagram post.

The gorgeous daughter of Clarkson’s Farm host Jeremy Clarkson was full of confidence in the snap where she stripped down to show off her natural beauty.

Emily, 27, is no stranger to showing some flesh on her social media pages and made no exception in the striking green underwear.

Posing with one hand above her head as she leaned against the wall, the pretty blonde author made a striking impression as she brooded into the camera.

A burst of sunlight captured her face perfectly as she asserted her presence with a firmly placed on her hip.

She accessorized her look with subtle on-trend jewelry and a slick of mascara with a bold red lipstick.

She captioned the post: “Once you learn that you are a ****** powerhouse, the second part of your life begins.”

Emily seemed to have recovered from her recent upset when she found out she needed root canal treatment after a series of health issues.

Last month, she posted a series of videos on Instagram where she shared her woes after previously suffering from a broken jaw, two herniated discs and a ruptured sinus wall during the last year.

The body positive influencer admitted to feeling drained of her latest health crisis as she spoke to her followers about the bad luck.

She said, “Root canal… I’m absolutely screwed.

“If a broken jaw and two herniated discs and a burst sinus wall were not enough for a year, for one person!”

“Before this year I had never even had filler and now I’m like, yes I’ll take one of everything please.”

Giving more details on the required procedure and its diagnosis, she continued, “The size of the breakdown I just had is my front tooth. My front tooth is dead.

“I’m harboring a corpse and to fix it they have to do some fucking taxidermy so I can continue living with my dead tooth in the middle of my face.

“I would have liked to have stayed at home.”

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