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Julia Fox’s Denim-Lingerie Grocery Outfit


Another day, another unhinged Julia Fox crisis.

Julia Fox made a quick run to the grocery store on May 15, where she provided another head-turning style moment made up of her handmade fashion designs.

The “UNCA JAHMS” actress’ grocery ensemble consisted of denim pieces, including her ill-fated Alexander Wang jogger and baggy boots.

She also served up more abs action in a black and white sports bra and panty set, worn under her intentionally open denim jacket.

Although she potentially glazed her femininity in the frozen section of the store, pants were clearly out of the question for Fox — because she wears them (duh).

Now, let’s see what we have here: Julia Fox, lingerie at a public market, and another appearance of her chaotic DIY fashions, best known as a recipe for an internet frenzy.

Naturally, Fox’s latest look — which now joins her other style examples like the goblin-handed dress and Gaga-esque platform boots — has garnered mixed reactions on social media.

Comments ranged from “iconic” and “exactly! We need a celeb who has the audacity to show off like this” to “desperation for attention is embarrassing” and “don’t you illegal ?”

While it’s completely legal in California, it’s also very on-brand for Julia Fox, who enjoys her “come-up” from her lightning-fast relationship with Ye.

Since then, the media has been locked in on his adventures – like his forthcoming “masterpiece” novel without a memoir and his questionable mix-up with Anna Delvey – and his unorthodox style.

Whether you see it as starving for the spotlight or Julia Fox is simply living her best life, you have to respect the number one hustler’s outburst (quirky style included).