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Julia Roberts’ husband posts rare photo of twins on 17th birthday


This is a major case of deja vu for the women of “Queens”.

Eve, Brandy, Naturi Naughton and Nadine Velazquez star in the ABC musical drama, which debuted in mid-October, as separate members of the fictional ’90s hip-hop girl group, the Nasty B *** ***, who decided to launch a comeback in quarantine. For most of the star-studded cast (all but Nadine got their start in music), the material hit very close to home.


“I’m literally reliving my life,” said Naturi, who launched her career as a third party for girl’s R&B group 3LW, in the December 2021 issue of emmy magazine, which will hit newsstands on December 3, at Wonderwall.comexclusive first look at.

“I actually did ‘MTV Cribs’. We had to rent a house and rent cars that we drove down the driveway. I had that experience,” she said during a break. in the filming of a scene in which her on-screen alter ego, Jill Da Thrill, shoots her own episode of the long-running docuseries.

“It all really resonates,” she continued. “Especially back then, we took a lot of advantage of young women – deals where they didn’t make money, or girls fighting against each other. It shows a lot of things in the past that we were afraid of. talk about.”

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Eve, meanwhile, noted that “Queens” doesn’t just rehash the past, it also shows how the music industry has evolved over the years – especially when it comes to how female artists are dealt with in the biz.

“These women are not trying to find the past. They are moving away from what they are now, and it’s important to show that,” said the rapper, actress and former co-host of “The Talk” .

“The age is so different from what it was when I was dating,” she continued. “Someone [trying to be sexy] at 40? It would be like, ‘Yo, what are you doing?’ “

But things are different now, said the former first lady of Ruff Ryders, who is currently expecting her first child at 42.

“They’re not trying to be kids. They’re the real ‘grown ups and sexy’,” Eve said. emmy of his character, Professor Sex, and his fictional comrades.

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According to Brandy, “Queens” reflects how the music industry wears down female artists – and how they are able to reinvigorate themselves with the help of their peers.

“It’s a strength to see us come together and do what we think needs to be done our way,” said the former “Moesha”, who plays Xplicit Lyrics. emmy. “This industry can make you quit. Actually, I stopped. A few times. I left and I came back. But I always come back. I can speak for other women. [in the cast] and say that about them too – they go strong. And I like it. We represent overtaking. “

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“Queens” also sees its main ladies tackle a territory generally dominated by men.

“I always wanted to rap,” said Brandy emmy. “We rap like men, like Nas or Biggie. It’s very difficult because sometimes I twist the words, and it’s a little tiring, but I push myself until I get it. I love it. “

For more on the women of “Queens,” pick up a copy of the December 2021 issue of emmy magazine on December 3.

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