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Justin Bieber’s supermodel wife wears nothing but a crop top and underwear in her new ad campaign


Hailey Bieber, wife of superstar Justin Bieber, is bringing the heat with her ultra-sexy ad campaign for the launch of her new skincare line, ‘Rhode’. A promotional ad posted Wednesday on Rhode’s Instagram account only depicts Bieber in her intimates as she rolls around on her couch.

Fans definitely took notice of the casual yet incredibly sultry video Bieber posted on his company’s new Instagram account. The opening shot of the video is of his new products and within seconds Bieber makes an appearance in nothing but a crop top and pale gray underwear. Her rock hard abs are on full display as she flaunts her supermodel figure in comfy underwear.

The video then shows Bieber in another tastefully skimpy outfit, this time wearing a white tank top and white underwear, while lounging on a couch. As the video continues, her new skincare line is shown again, and she holds her company branding next to her exposed belly.

Bieber raises his legs up on the sofa, then moves, while giving the camera a tantalizing model look. The campaign emphasizes simplicity and natural beauty, and portrays Bieber in soft, barely there cosmetics. (RELATED: Christie Brinkley’s Latest Bikini Pics Prove Age Is Just a Number)

Rhode launched on June 15 and has a trio of launch product offerings, according to People. Items that are up for grabs now include Bieber’s Peptide Glazing Fluid, Barrier Restore Cream and his Peptide Lip Treatment, according to People.

Bieber’s skincare line is affordable and available for sale online on the company’s website. “I wanted it to be accessible and accessible to everyone,” Bieber told People.

Being able to model for her own brand is a huge selling point for Bieber, who has already seen more than 327 Instagram followers join her business page within 24 hours of its launch.