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Koko Soap Refill opens second Columbus store in Clintonville


Clintonville is about to receive a second dose of eco-friendly soaps, shampoos and other household products.

Koko, who has another store in the Hilltop neighborhood of Columbus, has a September 11 opening date at 3023 Indianola Ave. near Studio 35 Cinema & Drafthouse.

“I know Clintonville is a great place,” said Chloe Lenox, a store associate. “There are a lot of independent stores there.”

She joined ReWash Refillery, another soap refill which took over Nancy’s Home Cooking former location, 3133 N. High St. in Clintonville.

Koko, which focuses on sustainability, was launched in 2020 by Adria Hall, the current owner. Other locations are in Cincinnati and Louisville and Lexington, Kentucky.

Kate Anderson, senior communications strategist for the store, said the company is helping curate products that help reduce household waste. For example, Koko sells wooden dish brushes, silicone food storage bags, shampoo bars, and beauty products.

Some of its more popular brands include Little Seed Farm in Lebanon, Tennessee, Humble Suds in Evergreen, Colorado and Tart Peach at 3171 N. High St. in Columbus, Anderson said.

Customers are also encouraged to bring reusable containers to fill them with soaps, detergents and essential oils, Lenox said.

“Just about anything that can be filled, we can fill it,” she said.

Otherwise, the store will provide customers with containers to be refilled on return visits or adaptively reused at home.

Koko, a Finnish word that translates to ‘full’, offers perfumes, essential oils, makeup, shower gel, laundry soap, reusable paper towers and several other products used to cleanse the body or the house. – or otherwise smell good – as well as accessories.

Items are sold by the ounce or unit.

“I feel like we want to be able to cater to everyone everywhere,” Lenox said.

Paul Carringer, a board member for the Clintonville Area Business Association, said he liked the sound of another store that meets a specific need of residents in the neighborhood and beyond.

“It’s a perfect fit for Clintonville,” Carringer said. “This is the kind of store that has seemed to thrive in the neighborhood for many years.

“If they’re unique and have a specific target market, they seem to thrive here,” he said. “And we have a lot of space for stores like that.”

For more information about Koko, visit her website: kokotheshop.com.

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