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Kourtney Kardashian wears Travis Barker’s name on her lingerie


Kourtney Kardashian has her husband Travis Barker’s name inscribed on her lingerie.

On Sunday, the Blink-182 drummer took to his Instagram Stories to post a photo of the lacy white underwear with gold-tinted flowers.

His name was etched in blue thread, stylized in cursive script.

As intimate as this shot is, it’s far from the most cheeky photos of the spouses.

For Father’s Day, Barker shared more photos. One photo appeared to be a drone shot of himself with Kardashian, son Landon Barker, daughter Alabama Barker and family friend Carl Dawson.

He also shared photos of his two children and his daughter-in-law Atiana De La Hoya.

“I love you beyond words can describe, you are someone who will always make sure family comes first, I have so much respect for how you taught me in so many ways; thank you for bringing me into this world and showing me how a real man treats you,” Alabama wrote in an Instagram post of her and her Barker.

La Hoya also took to her Instagram Story to caption a selfie of herself with Barker at the beach and wrote, “Love you endlessly.”

Last week, Kardashian and Travis packed on the PDA for a racy photoshoot for vegan chicken brand Daring Foods.

The couple could be seen munching on a large bucket of fried breaded chicken in the back of a limo.

The shoot was captured by fashion photographer Ellen Von Unwerth two days after their Vegas wedding in April.

Other footage showed Barker happily hand-feeding his wife spaghetti as she sat on a room service table pressed against a window at Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood while wearing Depressed Rich Children x Jacques sunglasses. Marie Mage.

In both images, she donned a red crocodile minidress while her groom wore a long-sleeved black shirt and matching pants.

In some campaign footage, the two indulged in a bubble bath together while sipping champagne and eating in bed.

They later had a makeup session outside the bedroom of their hotel room, where Barker could be seen pushing her down the hall over a room service table.

At another point, the rocker can be seen trying chicken with Kardashian, who was wearing a blindfold.

Kardashian noted that she’s been on her health journey for 13 years and is “mindful” about what she’s nurturing herself and her children.

“I’m not entirely vegan, but Travis helped me stick to a mostly plant-based diet, which is so much easier with Daring,” she said.

She continued, “I honestly can’t believe how much chicken it tastes like.”

Barker, who hasn’t eaten meat since he was 13, said he was “excited to see more plant-based choices on menus.”

Last month, the couple celebrated their third wedding in Portofino, Italy, on the Dolce & Gabbana estate.

Their nuptials took place after they legally tied the knot on May 15 after an illegal ceremony in Las Vegas with an Elvis impersonator.

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